Applications and projects

At Polimer Tecnic we have a wide range of materials that make our projects unique in quality and design. We execute projects and applications that are developed around four fundamental axes that reinforce our trajectory in the sector. All our projects are studied in detail to provide the greatest customization and to ensure that it adapts to your needs.



Architecture and construction

We have an architecture division. On our website,  You can find a large number of projects developed by our design team. Constructive applications for exterior and interior that include facades, roofs, urban furniture, canopies, porches, lighting projects (using LED in many of them), partitions, furniture, counters, stairs, railings, swimming pools, wall cladding, dropped ceilings, greenhouses, verandas...

Plastics for industry

The diversity of plastic materials and their advantages, allow a wide number of applications within the industrial sector, having materials suitable for protection of machinery (which optionally include anti-breakage treatments or fire inhibitors among others), trays, boxes, electrical equipment (with high insulation capacity and possible antistatic treatment), models and prototypes, laser engraving and cutting, and plastics for machining and thermoforming.

Communication and signage

Within the image, advertising and visual communication sector, at Polimer Tecnic we manufacture the materials for the realization of: electronic screens, and all kinds of supports for signage, signage, digital printing, POS, retail and exhibitors. We provide these services for both outdoor and indoor spaces. We have a team of professionals that is specialized in this type of application and that adapts to the needs of each project.

Safety and transportation

In the field of protection of commercial premises and transport elements, Polimer Tecnic develops specific materials for: shielding and security elements, individual protection equipment that requires specific characteristics, sound barriers, nautical, vehicle accessories... We have first-rate materials to offer the maximum guarantees in this type of applications and with qualified technical personnel to provide the necessary advice.