Acrylic and polycarbonate pergolas and awnings

Are you looking for awnings or pergolas to protect your garden and you don't know which material is the most suitable? Pergolas and awnings are a very important element of protection that can fulfil multiple functions. In addition, acrylic plastic is a resistant material that you can trust that will serve you well for many years. 

Whether you are a private individual and want to fix some area of your home, or if you are a professional and have a project in mind, read on. At Polimertecnic we explain everything you need to know about acrylic plastic and polycarbonate pergolas and awnings.

When to use acrylic awnings

An awning is a small roof that protects from rain. It is a small roof that is placed on the outside of any door, using the structure of the building. This way, when you go out of that door, you won't get directly wet, but you will still be able to walk a few metres until you are uncovered.

At Polimertecnic we are experts in the application of plastics for the architectural structure of a building and, for this reason, we have a whole division dedicated to polycarbonate awnings, as we recommend this material for its resistance to the inclemency of the exterior.

Awnings are not only used to shelter from the rain when entering or leaving your house, but they have many other uses. For example, if you put up a narrow awning, it can be ideal for leaving your shoes outside without them getting wet or dirtying the inside of your house.

There are awnings in all sizes and shapes. The narrower models allow a single person to shelter, but the awning is adjustable in width and length and can cover an entire terrace. 

You can also install a plant at the entrance to make your guests' reception even more original. Thanks to the awning you know that your plant will be safe from the changing weather. 

If you want to install a much larger awning, it will become a sheltered space on your terrace. You can install a small table with some chairs, so staying outside will be much easier, even on days when the weather is bad.

Thus, both the garden and the outdoor furniture will be sheltered and you will be able to keep them in perfect condition for a longer period of time. Acrylic awnings make your garden useful at any time of the year, as it protects it from rain, snowfall, hail, etc.

An awning is appreciated due to its versatility, because you can combine it with the lighting you like the most and enjoy even a quiet and relaxing evening in the evening. 

Applications of acrylic pergolas

A pergola is a structure made up of columns on which a rectangular or square structure made of a resistant material rests. These structures have been used since the time of the Greeks and Romans and they are different from canopies because they are not attached to a building, they are free standing and can be in the middle of an open space.

At Polimertecnic we believe that an acrylic pergola can fulfil its function very well, as it is a very resistant material that needs very little maintenance to keep it in perfect condition, even if it is outside.

We will find a polycarbonate pergola in outdoor areas of the home, such as gardens, terraces or roof terraces. This construction element has the sole purpose of protecting a space from inclement weather and offering comfort to people who want to use the outdoor area of their home, no matter what the weather is like.

Another of the main applications of pergolas is that they allow it to become a natural space. If you plant a climber on each of the four legs of this pergola, you will be able to move them up to the roof, creating a shady space for the hottest days.

In addition to giving good results, pergolas are easy to install, as you won’t have to work with the structure of the house; it is a completely isolated element. 

If you have a second car and you usually leave it parked in the front yard, because you do not have an extra space in your garage, a pergola can be an economical and effective method to keep your car sheltered at all times so that it is not out in the open all night long.

In other words, the pergola has many uses and building it out of acrylic plastic will only bring you advantages of resistance and optical quality, at any time of the year.

Why choose Polimertecnic for your acrylic pergolas and awnings?

At Polimertecnic we are experts in all types of construction elements, such as polycarbonate awnings or pergolas. We have more than 50 years of experience manufacturing and creating plastic materials for professionals.

Currently, we have several factories located in different countries from which we respond to the problems that users present to us about the construction with rigid materials.

Why choose Polimertecnic for your awnings and pergolas? Because we are a reference in the business and we always look for the best results for each of our clients. We only work with good quality materials and we have a close relationship with our clients, so we know exactly what they need at all times.

At Polimertecnic we always adapt to what you ask for, because we know that the needs of each project are unique. We offer a continuous assistance service, in which we will accompany you throughout the entire process of purchasing our materials: from the moment you contact us explaining the project you have in mind, until it becomes a reality.

Over time, we have grown to become a company specialising in each of the sectors necessary to offer excellent quality to our customers: communication and signage, industry, architecture and construction, and security and transport. Thanks to these departments, the experience you will have with us will be comfortable and satisfactory.

As we have diversified, we have also had to specialise in order to always offer the best quality to our users, even taking into account the finishes proposed by the client. The specifications of each project are always different.

Because of our commitment to quality, we have acquired mastery of such special techniques as:

  • CNC Machining
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • Thermoforming
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Polishing and edge grinding

In this way we can adapt perfectly to what the customer is asking for and work directly from the raw material. We acquire the plastic sheets and cut or glue them to manufacture pieces of different sizes and shapes. We bend them to form unique parts and create large units by gluing with ultraviolet curing glue formulations.

In addition, we have a polishing and grinding service with which we fix any piece of acrylic plastic that may have deteriorated. All these solutions allow us to have a very varied stock of plastic materials to supply individuals and companies.

In each of our premises you will be able to find customised solutions for the manufacture of plastic and the design of projects for any type of business. The services that we usually provide to our users are the following:

  • Communication and signage: All kinds of products that will help you to develop your communication campaign, through signs, electronic displays, all kinds of supports for signage, digital printing, POS, retail and displays. 
  • Plastics for the industry: The range of plastic materials and design products that we manufacture and distribute is very wide. The products we are most often asked for are plastics for the protection of machinery, trays, boxes, models, prototypes, electrical equipment, laser engraving and cutting, plastics for thermoforming and machining, etc.
  • Architecture and construction: We also work with any type of plastic material for the construction business. Among our products, you will find roofs, urban furniture, canopies, porches, lighting projects, furniture, partition screens, wall cladding, false ceilings, counters, stairs, railings, swimming pools, greenhouses, etc.
  • Safety and transport: In the field of safety and transport, we offer our customers all kinds of materials for the manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for construction, industry, security forces, etc.

If you have not found what you need on this list, do not worry, because you can contact us and we will adjust to your needs to find the most effective solution for your project. And if you want to know in more detail the wide range of our plastic products, you can visit our showroom, where you can see first hand how we work.

Acrylic plastic and polycarbonate canopies and pergolas can make the outdoor areas of your home much more comfortable and protected from the weather. Take a look at our Polimertecnic website and contact us with no obligation to let us help you with your project.

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