Polycarbonate without UV protection

Product Information

VITROFLEX PC is a transparent polycarbonate sheet without UV protection, manufactured by extrusion which has a high impact resistance and is very light. It also offers high strength at high temperatures, while maintaining an exceptional surface and transparency at all times. Its high quality makes it suitable for machining, printing and thermoforming.

Offers very high impact resistance. High temperature resistance. High transparency. High light transmission. Accurate thickness tolerance. Optimised for indoor applications. Suitable for indoor use, not for outdoor use. Engraved and anti-reflex surface finishes. Colouring possible.

With thicknesses ranging from 2 to 20mm they are offered in standard sheet sizes of. 2050×1250. 2050×1525. 3050×2050. There is also the option of colours, under minimum order, which can be: bronze 130, bronze 132, fumé 133, opal, green, orange, blue and red, with the possibility of making special colours on request.

Interior signage. Interior displays. Stands. Industry. Interior signposting. Interior doors and partitions. Furniture. Light fixtures. Screens. Machinery protection.