Virtoflex PMMA anti-abrasion acrylic plastic

Product Information

VITROFLEX PMMA ANTI-ABRASION ACRYLIC PLASTIC is a hard-coated plexiglass sheet with a glass-like appearance. Its good impact resistance is combined with high chemical resistance and longevity against weathering, as well as offering protection against abrasion in repetitive cleaning processes to prevent streaking. VITROFLEX PMMA ANTI-ABRASION ACRYLIC PLASTIC is resistant to most chemicals, and also offers protection against graffiti and vandalism. VITROFLEX PMMA ANTI-ABRASION ACRYLIC PLASTIC is about half the weight of standard glass, yet it is virtually unbreakable. VITROFLEX PMMA ANTI-ABRASION ACRYLIC PLASTIC has exceptional transparency and its protective coating improves light transmission compared to a polycarbonate sheet.

Abrasion and impact resistant. Improved chemical resistance. UV stability. High optical quality and exceptional transparency. Impact resistance 10 times superior to glass.

Made to measure on request in thicknesses from 1 to 20mm.

Vandal-resistant glazing. Security glazing. Security screens. Acoustic screens. Industrial equipment (machine cladding, machine guards). Automatic teller machines. Slot machines. Screens. Precision industry or application in areas with flammability risk. Anti-graffiti. Acoustic barriers. Frequent cleaning areas. Perimeter fencing.