Exterior lighting

Lighting and Architecture have been sharing the limelight since the last decades, architects and decorators have always sought the most innovative idea to bring these two fields together.

The most used materials in lighting projects are acrylic and polycarbonate, both transparent, opal, or in colors. There are also specific polycarbonates and acrylics for LED lighting, which allow high light transmission, preventing the LED spots from being seen from the outside.

Types of LED Outdoor Lighting

Polimer Tecnic has two of them: the “Backlight” system; back lighting with LED or traditional light and the “Edgelight” system; illumination of the perimeter panels with LEDs. This last system acquires a lower thickness compared to the "Backlight" system while still losing quality in the application.

From Polimer Tecnic we supply all kinds of materials to carry out specific projects of: lighting in signage, street lamps, illuminated posters, backlit exhibitors, displays, exhibitors lighting of public spaces, beacons on bridges, roads, light signage, lighting in shops, offices, hotels , and restaurants among others.

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