Acrylic railings and lattices

The lightness of polycarbonate (Vitroflex PC) and acrylic (Vitroflex PMMA), 10 times greater than that of glass, together with a much higher resistance to breakage, allows today most railings to be made with both materials. To these qualities is added the easy molding in curved areas, and various colors and finishes, such as anti-abrasion, which prevents scuff marks, or sun protection, which makes them suitable for use in outdoor areas.

The use of these materials is due to the fact that they offer high light transmission and high resistance to aging.

In Polimer Tecnic, in addition to the smooth plates for partitions, we offer design panels, from the international firms Bencore and 3form, which provide a unique image to each of the rooms, true works of art in the world of interior design. Other original options within the dividers are the use of polycarbonate and acrylic tubes, or the use of corrugated plates.


Materials for this type of application: UV polycarbonate, polycarbonate, acrylic, Bencore, 3form, tubes, wave.

The most commonly used materials for this application are acrylic and polycarbonate since these two materials offer high light transmission and high resistance to aging.

For any other question about our methacrylate railings, partitions and lattices, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personal advice and information on prices.

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