Bespoke Acrylic furniture: tables, chairs, shelves and more for your business

Are you looking for high quality, bespoke acrylic furniture? Our workspace is where a great deal of our time is spent, sometimes more than in any other place. It is essential to have comfortable and well-adapted spaces, as well as to have decoration that makes the stay a little more pleasant.

To do so, you may need to look for elements that are eminently practical, functional, but also of design. Clear Acrylic furniture is one of these great proposals: pieces that never fail and that give a minimalist look, not overloaded and in line with the aesthetics of your business. They are made of a resistant material and, on the other hand, they are not as heavy as other types of furniture.

Tables, chairs, shelves and other products can be made from acrylic Plexiglas sheets which can then be converted into practical furniture for your business. One of the best solutions at your fingertips. Moreover, this material is one of the most interesting for creating all kinds of utensils thanks to its particularities. Acrylic plastic is highly resistant to all types of weather, easy to maintain, more economical than its competitors and with an excellent durability.

Types of acrylic furniture: 

ECOBEN panels are specially produced for interior architectural work. In the process, recycled cardboard is used to obtain a much more sustainable plastic product, which contributes positively to the environment. As it is laminated with different types of resins, we can obtain different finishes, both satin and smooth.

It is possible to make all types of acrylic plastic furniture with this material and to do so in different textures, colours and shapes, ideal to install highly functional furniture in offices and other types of business. These pieces are going to be very versatile and become fantastic allies to create the most important spaces in your business, whether it is a shop, office or any type of room. 

With this furniture you won't have to make an effort during the maintenance process in order to keep it impeccable, as it doesn't need too much attention. In addition, despite its resistance, it is very light so that you can move it whenever you want and change its location at any time. It is one of the most accessible and practical solutions for businesses, with which you can create many more products than you can imagine. What's more, they are bespoke so that you can customise them however you wish to.

Acrylic tables and counters

Businesses with counters will find an ideal alternative by making these pieces out of acrylic plastic. One of the properties of this material is that it can be completely transparent, allowing a product to be showcased while protecting it or providing a safety separation so that customers do not handle it directly. This is especially interesting for businesses that sell food or valuables. In addition, it will be strong enough to last as long as necessary in the premises, very easy to clean and less heavy than glass.

It is a functional proposal that is being used more and more in different sectors, as it has lower costs than the glass versions and allows you to get the most out of each piece, as they are easy to reuse by changing their location: their weight is also lower. An excellent way to provide a shop with more practical counters, less investment and excellent durability.

Acrylic tables are also really useful for businesses or offices, as the aesthetics they provide will be very elegant and minimalistic. They are objects that can be created with transparent material to give a more modern look, but also with a variety of textures and colours to suit the taste of each company. They are very durable and easy to maintain, as they can be cleaned daily with the usual hygiene products without suffering any damage.

Acrylic chairs

Have you thought about adding a nice collection of acrylic chairs as well? These are among the most elegant products for office furniture, with sophisticated finishes and really modern shapes. They allow you to include seating in a simple way, taking up little space and obtaining luminosity with it, as we can also create clear acrylic chairs.

Businesses with both indoor and outdoor areas will be able to include these chairs in every room, as they are weather resistant, easy to clean and hard-wearing. They are also lighter than other models, allowing them to be easily moved and rearranged on demand.

These chairs allow a great deal of customisation beyond the colours and the wonderful special touch of transparency. When combined with other materials, for example by implementing wooden legs, the brand's identity can be enhanced.

Spaces that are quite small, but need to be furnished, will be much more attractive with acrylic chairs and tables. Their characteristic transparency (even when made with colours) makes the rooms feel much more spacious and luminous, they absorb less light and do not become so oppressive. For people who work in these spaces on a day-to-day basis, this will be a welcome respite.

Acrylic cupboards and shelves

Acrylic plastic is a resistant material that does not corrode easily and can even survive the inclemency of the weather, rain or direct sunlight. It produces robust furniture with modern designs that are unbeatable over time and constant use, something that is indispensable when we think of decorating an office or workplace.

Thanks to all these qualities, it is also possible to create acrylic shelving following the same aesthetic concept and taking advantage of its properties to place objects, books or files on them without damaging them and fulfilling their main functions.

Both shelves and cupboards will resist the frenetic pace of work in companies, as these pieces of furniture are usually used more than in homes. They are great solutions for modern, minimalist or simple style offices.

They are also ideal for shops that display products and want them to be the real stars of the space. By placing the objects for sale on clear acrylic shelves, they will look better than anywhere else, without distorting background colours. All this without the risks and fragility of other materials with the same transparency properties.

When we put a lot of cabinets and shelves in a shop or office we also attach a lot of importance to their maintenance and cleaning, as this is something that will have to be done practically every day, especially if they are transparent! This is another very positive aspect, because to clean perspex furniture on a daily basis, you only need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. 

If you want to remove accumulated dirt or clean more thoroughly, you can simply use the typical household products used to clean other furniture. The material will not suffer any damage, as it does not require special or more delicate soaps.

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