VITROLFEX AQUARIUM acrylic plastic for aquariums and pools


    Product Information

    VITROLFEX AQUARIUM acrylic plastic for aquariums and pools is a highly impact-resistant material specially designed for the construction of water features such as aquariums, swimming pools and fish tanks, as well as underwater features such as boat bottoms and submarine windows. It offers high transparency and very high optical quality from 30 mm thickness. It is an ideal material for applications where good visibility is important. In addition, its high resistance to ageing makes it an excellent product for outdoor use, remaining practically unalterable outdoors. VITROLFEX AQUARIUM acrylic plastic for aquariums and pools is also suitable for thermoforming, being an easy-to-handle material that offers good performance against temperature fluctuations and does not give off toxic gases during combustion.

    High molecular weight, guarantees optimum performance. High transparency with very low optical distortion thanks to its high purity, made of 100% PMMA (methyl methacrylate monomer) of the highest quality. High dimensional stability thanks to the thermal stabilisation process by annealing. Large thicknesses to withstand high hydraulic pressures without flexing. Availability of large formats, larger than the European standard of 3000 x 2000 mm to be able to carry out singular works. Thermoformable, allowing special curved shapes and cylinders to be made. Possibility of joining different pieces by means of high security and almost imperceptible chemical joints. Low level of internal stresses. High resistance to weathering. Impact resistance. High resistance to ageing. High thermal and acoustic resistance. Does not give off toxic gases when burning. Halogen free. Special large formats available.

    We can manufacture any size and any length on request. Sheets up to 15 metres in length and “on site” fittings can be made if required. Flat, curved, angled or U-shaped sheets. Please ask us about special pieces. Most common sizes: 3000 x 2000 mm. 2000 x 1250 mm. 4000 x 2000 mm. Larger panel sizes up to 15000 x 3000 mm are possible on request. Thicknesses: from 20 mm to 300 mm. Other thicknesses can be manufactured on request.

    Swimming pool walls. Zoos, terrariums. Aquarium tunnels. Large aquarium windows. Aquariums and cylindrical fish tanks. Construction.