VITROLFEX SEGUMAR Acrylic plastic for ships

Product Information

VITROFLEX SEGUMAR is Polimer Tecnic’s acrylic plastic for boats, certified by ASME PVHO-1 (Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy). This certification guarantees the use of acrylic plastic in areas with human occupation subjected to a pressure higher than 2 Psi, such as ship bottoms, submersibles, immersion hoods, hyperbaric chambers, … Each manufacturing batch is analysed in independent laboratories and certified according to the standard in force at the time of its production. All parts are supplied duly identified with indelible laser engraving for traceability. In addition to its various applications, VITROFLEX SEGUMAR acrylic plastic for boats is a material of high transparency and quality, ten times lighter than glass, which allows it to be bent and moulded. In this way Polimer Tecnic has the capacity to supply pieces with customised shapes and sizes, complying with the strictest quality standards. VITROFLEX SEGUMAR is the star product in the production of underwater vision bottoms, windows, portholes and other areas of vision in ships and submarines.

Certified to ASME PVHO-1 international standard. Excellent optical quality. Good resistance to weathering and marine environments. Impact resistance. Excellent resistance to ageing. Good thermal resistance. Lightweight compared to glass. Does not give off toxic gases when burning. Halogen free.

Manufactured to the exact size required for your installation, each of the parts are certified by specialised laboratories, which will certify that they have complied with the ASME-PVHO regulations by laser engraving each of the parts.

Boat windows with underwater vision. Sights and windows of submersibles. Underwater windows. Diving hoods. Hyperbaric chamber windows. Sight glasses in general under pressure.