Labeling and Signage

At Polimer Tecnic we have materials that offer high quality for digital printing, resistant support materials that allow their labeling or others adapted for the printing of photographic images. Direct digital printing and vinyl on: aerial posters, signage and signage, interior or desktop signage, information panels, etc.

Methacrylate printing works very well for both exterior and interior signage, as well as being a very appropriate material for digital printing jobs. As with polycarbonate printing, which is another of the alternatives that offers the best results, since it can also be adapted to all types of environments. Plastic printing also allows total customization and is optimal for any space, being one of the most common options.


Materials for this type of application: VITBOND - Aluminum composite, VITROFLEX PVC AND PVCE - Rigid and foamed PVC, VITROFLEX PC AND PA - Compact and cellular polycarbonate, VITPRINT - PVC panel with foamed polystyrene core, VITROFLEX PMMA - Methacrylate, VITROFLEX PPC - Cellular polypropylene and VITROFLEX PETG - Copolyester sheets.

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