Plexiglass pools

The world of swimming pools has been revolutionized with the appearance of transparent windows and overflowing walls in acrylic, which has determined a great advance in the design of these applications. The archaic, greenish and fragile glass has been replaced by the acrylic pools of high molecular weight.

Polimer Tecnic is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of acrylic in Spain, starting in 1957 with its Gerundense de Plastics factory. Currently it exports technology to all continents and manufactures special plates for all types of realizations. Large dimension pieces, curved acrylic, acrylic cylinders, acrylic tanks, overflowing walls in swimming pools, underwater windows, portholes, etc.

His experience in transparent bottoms of boats and windows, in immersion in boats and submarines give us a great experience in this sector.

In addition to practically imperceptible gluing, which allows reaching large amplitudes in transparent pool walls, the versatility of acrylic offers the possibility of curving them, creating unique designs.

Applications of Plexiglass swimmingpools

Materials for this type of application: PMMA blocks, TECNODECK.

Our development team will be able to advise you on transparent acrylic pools, offering you the best construction solutions.

Swimming pools have always been one of the most requested constructions in the last decade. Constructive solutions in plastic have determined a great advance in the design of these applications since previously with glass a transparent pool could not be carried out.

Polimer Tecnic advises and advises on the solutions that can be made with plastic for this application.

For any other question about transparent acrylic pools, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalized advice.

Glass or Plexiglass pools?

If you are thinking of building a transparent pool or you want to add underwater windows for swimming pools to an existing one, you may be wondering which type of material would be the most suitable. In this regard, the most common question is whether glass or Plexiglass pools are better.

Although glass was the first material with which this type of application began to be made, the reality is that with the appearance of methacrylate and its perfect qualities for transparent pools or underwater windows, it has lost all comparisons. Here we explain the reasons why:
Plexiglass is much lighter than glass, weighing up to 63% less.
In terms of hardness and impact resistance, Plexiglass also wins by a landslide: it can withstand 15 times more impact and is 25 times harder.
No matter how much effort you put into it, glass always ends up having a greenish tinge that can be unsightly. Plexiglass, on the other hand, is much more transparent.
Part of the reason for the previous point is that Plexiglass is much easier to polish when there are scratches and is resistant to chemicals. Thanks to this, it can be subjected to cleaning processes for proper maintenance.
One of the aspects in which Plexiglass excels is that it allows us to make a wide variety of structures, including curves, even with very large sizes.
In terms of heat retention, Plexiglass is also superior to glass.
Finally, we have to highlight the great qualities of Plexiglass when it comes to being outdoors and withstand the passage of time without losing colour and characteristics. If we want a transparent pool, especially if it is outdoors, this is an aspect to take into account.

Swimming Pool Projects with Vitroflex AQ

Dalí Acrylic Swimming Pool

Infinity infinity pool with underwater windows. Vitroflex AQ methacrylate panels installed as underwater windows and as a pool enclosure with a 90 degree angled chemical bond.

Acrylic Swimming pool Hotel Girona

Infinity overflow pool with partial enclosure in methacrylate.

Swimming pool with enclosure in Vitroflex AQ methacrylate panels chemically bonded at a 90 degree angle.

Acrylic pool Hotel Reus

Infinity infinity pool with methacrylate enclosure.

Vitroflex AQ panels chemically bonded to generate the perimeter. Infinity finish overflows the water into a channel with methacrylate enclosure.

Solera Swimming Pool

Curved Infinity overflow swimming pool. Project in which a previously thermoformed Vitroflex AQ methacrylate panel is applied in a curve of more than 20 metres in length.

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