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Discover our Polycarbonate covers! Polycarbonate is a polymer that belongs to the thermoplastics group. It is made up of different carbonate groups in a broad chain that basically presents functional approaches with synthetic properties;which is why it offers a series of particularities that make it an ideal product for thermoforming and modelling work as required. 

It should be noted that it guarantees infinite possibilities within the design and construction industry. It becomes a practical and resistant material that, in the end, allows certain facilities for a responsible use according to the surfaces it will cover. The advantages it offers are the following: resistance against impact and weathering, transparency for the entry of natural light, insulating capacity makes it an ideal resource for interior protection and, at the same time, it is light and unbreakable like polycarbonate sheets.

Polycarbonate has become a very useful tool for architecture and construction. It has become very important in the field of roofing and is one of the most effective means of ensuring the safety and protection of spaces, as well as helping to maintain temperatures in enclosed spaces.

Uses of polycarbonate covers

Polycarbonate roofs are very interesting for the protection of interior spaces. Its presence in homes is becoming increasingly important, precisely because it is an appropriate material to achieve greater durability over time, in the same way that it contributes positively to resist impacts and possible inclement weather. It is true that it can be used in different areas of the home that come into contact with the exterior, as well as in industries, offices, public buildings, greenhouses, etc.

One of the applications of polycarbonate roofs is in large open spaces. Polycarbonate pergola covers for roofs made of this material can be installed flat and horizontal and can even be corrugated, as it is a material that can be modelled according to the desired dimensions and the feasible shape to be placed in a specific location. Polycarbonate is often used because it is much more resistant than glass and 50 times more resistant than acrylic.

It can be found in different formats: colourless, opal or coloured. At Polimertecnic we offer different ways of working with polycarbonate depending on the user's needs. For this reason, polycarbonate roofs are usually the most requested, taking into account that they are used for the protection of swimming pools, skylights, pergolas,  windows,patio covers, galleries or as a means of protection for interior spaces. For this reason, it has acquired a greater dimension within the world of architecture, precisely because of its diverse functional applications.

Why buy your polycarbonate roof covers at Polimertecnic? 

At Polimertecnic you can find the best service in the manufacture and production of polycarbonate roof covers. The best professionals are at your disposal for advice and guidance on the different needs that our customer may have. Close guidance and the best solutions are offered so that the polycarbonate acquires a functional and practical presence within the protected spaces. Our polycarbonate experts take into account the opinions and needs of the client, in addition to providing guidance according to the possibilities that may be most beneficial.

The price of polycarbonate roof covers is affordable, taking into account that it is going to be an elementary and vitally important resource if you want to guarantee the protection and security of those rooms that, in reality, are going to be used for different functional purposes. All our range of products is available on our website, so that you can find the most appropriate covers. However, we adapt to the type of construction and we try to make a customised design that can meet the expectations and guarantee the best resistance.

At Polimertecnic you have the opportunity to have a made-to-measure polycarbonate roof cover. Our specialists create designs according to the parameters desired by our client. Measurements are taken, the appropriate calculations are made and a type of cover that can meet the needs is carried out; in this way, expectations are met and the best functionality is obtained, hence the importance of making a preliminary study that is decisive to get a first knowledge of the work to be done.

Buying roof covers from Polimertecnic gives you the guarantee that you are going to enjoy a practical, long-lasting and highly resistant resource that will stand the test of time. That is why we are leaders in the manufacture and design of roofing. We have a staff of high quality professionals who are perfectly qualified to work with polycarbonate. This material is becoming more and more important in the world of construction,  as it provides a number of benefits that outweigh other materials such as glass.

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