Both acrylic and polycarbonate are used in the roofs, both transparent and translucent. The latter is a plastic characterized by its easy handling and molding, and can be cold bent.

Acrylic is often used for prefabricated skylights, of high thickness, being polycarbonate the most common material today. But, this material does not offer the same transparency as methacrylate, although it is much more resistant to impact.

Uses and Architectural Applications

From simple profiles such as corrugated or corrugated plate, both in compact and multiwall versions, to multiwall polycarbonate plates or systems, with more advanced specific profiles.

These plates can be found in colorless, opal or custom colors (low quantities) and with smooth surfaces or with reliefs.

Depending on the required thermal and acoustic coefficient, there are various thicknesses and designs.

Materials for this type of application are:

  • UV compact polycarbonate
  • Cellular polycarbonate
  • Surrounds.

These types of covered areas suggest rest, socialization and entertainment in an ecological environment.

For any other question about polycarbonate or acrylic covers, we have qualified technical personnel who will provide personalized advice.

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Materials for this type of applications