Manufacture and sale of acrylic, polycarbonate and plastic materials

Experts in plastic materials and composites

With more than 50 years of experience, Polimer Tecnic is a company specialized in the manufacture and manufacture of plastic materials for professionals. Thus, at present we have several plastics factories located in different countries and from which we respond to the demand for the main rigid plastic materials, from methacrylate to PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbon or ecological wood deck, among many others.


The new challenges in search of internal, innovation and quality They have led us to bet on new techniques and materials, but always close to the needs of our customers. We invite you to get to know us a little more and discover everything we offer you in terms of manufacturing and manufacturing of plastic materials.

Experts in plastic materials and composites

At Polimer Tecnic we carry out both manufacturing and manufacturing, lto sale and supply of plastic products, Taking care of the entire process, from the plastics factory to the advice of the client to the customization of products to their liking and needs. We are experts in all kinds of plastic materials and composites, being innovative in the matter, in addition to having extensive comprehensive technical knowledge that allows us to provide a multitude of solutions and technical support.


La research constant is one of our great challenges, and our goal is to always be at the height of the great innovative projects in which we collaborate.


The plastics sector required progress in aspects such as the sustainability and recycling. The low energy cost of production and the possibility of complete recycling make plastic materials a product of great interest. 


Thus, at Polimer Tecnic we have achieved totally eliminate the generation of waste by reprocessing the generated by-products, creating top quality materials and always following European and international ISO regulations.

Between the materials we produce and distribute They stand out:

  •  Methacrylate
  •  Compact PVC
  •  Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  •  Ecological polyethylene profiles
  • Foamed PVC
  •  PET
  • PETG
  • Polystyrene
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate
  • Compact Polycarbonate
  •  Ecological wood deck for platforms and pergolas

At Polimer Tecnic we offer you power buy custom plasticsIn addition to being able to request all kinds of formats, that is, panels, plates, profiles, tubes, bars and special developments for different applications. Thus, you can purchase products such as made-to-measure methacrylate or made-to-measure PVC, being able to have these materials in sheet format.

Custom solutions in plastics for specific projects

At Polimer Tecnic we adapt to what you ask and need, giving you a comprehensive service and continuous assistance throughout the process of purchasing our plastic materials and products. Our divisions of communication and signage, industry, architecture and construction and security and transport are designed and work to offer an excellent shopping experience to all our customers.

A diversification and specialization for which we have the best qualities and all kinds of finishes for adapt to specifications specific to each project. A commitment to quality that requires mastery of such special techniques as:

Thus, we can fill orders for plastic materials in plates, both methacrylate plates and polycarbonate sheets or PVC sheets, In addition to cutting methacrylate or gluing methacrylate to manufacture pieces of different sizes and shapes, bending and molding pieces, in addition to creating large pieces by joining and gluing with formulations of ultraviolet curing or two-component glues that we manufacture specifically for our customers.


Finally, the polished and ground It is one of the great advantages of materials such as methacrylate, being possible to repair any damage that it suffers in its surface.


A huge variety of solutions that allows us to have an early and varied stock of plastic materials for your company and your projects.

Production and distribution of plastic products at an industrial level

In each of our four divisions or work departments you can find customized solutions in plastics for all types of projects:

  • Communication and signage: All kinds of products to develop communication campaigns through labels, electronic screens, and all kinds of supports for signage, signage, digital printing, POS, retail and exhibitors. 
  • Plastics for industry: The range of plastic materials and design products that we manufacture and distribute is vast, with special and highly resistant materials and products on demand. Among the most requested products we offer articles for the protection of machinery (with optional anti-breakage treatments or fire inhibitors), trays, boxes, models and prototypes, electrical equipment, laser engraving and cutting and plastics for thermoforming and machining.
  • Architecture and construction: You can also find all kinds of plastic materials for the construction sector in our division. Among our products you can find covers, street furniture, canopies, porches, lighting projects (mainly LED), furniture, dividing screens, wall cladding, false ceilings, counters, stairs, railings, swimming pools, greenhouses, etc.
  • Safety and transportation. In this area we offer materials for the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE) for construction, industry and security forces.

Visit our showroom

And, if you want to know more in detail the wide range of our materials and plastic products for the architecture, construction and interior design sectors, we invite you to visit our special showroom, Nummit Lab.

A space thought and designed for professionals in this sector to discover the latest in plastic materials to be inspired and give shape to their most ambitious and creative designs and projects. 

Nummit Lab is located in Barcelona and is specialized in systems and solutions in plastic materials for construction and interior design. A new and avant-garde space where you can find both standardized materials ready for installation and materials to create new shapes and designs.

In addition, Nummit Lab is also an exhibition space of some of the designs already made for some of the most unique and special projects made by us. A sample that highlights the great experience and outstanding work carried out by our technical team over more than 50 years of countless and excellent projects.

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