Acrylic spare parts for boats: hatches, windscreens and more

Marine spare parts for boats must offer maximum efficiency. Unfavourable weather conditions and other adverse factors can become a serious threat to the boat’s structures, which can affect the safety of the boat while sailing. 

At Polimer Tecnic you can find the best nautical spare parts, all of them made with top quality materials, such as acrylic plastic for boats, an efficient product to obtain a practical, firm and completely effective result.

Advantages of acrylic boat windows

Acrylic plastic is considered to be a strong and durable material. In boats it fulfils a very important mission, as it contributes to the protection and resistance against the forces of the sea. From Polimer Tecnic we offer you the opportunity to find top quality products made of acrylic plastic. 

In the wide stock available you will find the most appropriate resources for your boat, guaranteeing the best quality and good performance. It should be taken into account that, before going out to sea, it is recommended to install acrylic boat windows, precisely because they are firm and resistant, as well as providing maximum safety and protection.

Thermoformed and curved acrylic plastic are two good solutions for boat windows. They can be perfectly adjusted to the dimensions of the windows and cut to size. In this way, we can achieve an unrivalled level of adaptability, not to mention the possibility of extraordinary protection, full visibility and maximum efficiency. Acrylic windows can be found in transparent format or with satin colours, the latter being a good decorative choice with which to give a personalised touch to your boat.

Other marine spare parts made of acrylic plastic

Polimer Tecnic works with all types of acrylic parts for boats. In addition to windows and windscreens, the most notable resources include the following: tables, smooth surfaces, plate holders, cup holders, hatches and visors. Depending on the dimensions and size of the boat, it is worth mentioning that we can adjust these products to the dimensions of the boat. The acrylic plastic experts at Polimer Tecnic carry out the necessary measurements and adjust the product to the size.

A particular case is the acrylic boat hatch. It can be placed on horizontal or vertical surfaces, offering the best quality and with the possibility of being able to open effectively, as well as favouring visibility from inside the boat. This is one of the most elementary accessories to bring in natural light from outside and to ensure safety against adverse weather conditions. 

On the other hand, the acrylic boat visor is another good solution to facilitate the navigation process and protect the control panel and the people inside the boat.

Buy your acrylic spare parts for boats at Polimertecnic

The professionals at Polimer Tecnic carry out an analysis and specialised advice to offer effective and long-lasting solutions so that your boats are in the best conditions. They work with top quality products and their prices are very competitive. Ask for a quote from Polimer Tecnic and, with total confidence and reliability, you can receive personalised advice from the best experts in marine spare parts. Through this channel, you can solve doubts and get answers that fit your needs, a good solution to find the desired product for your boat.

In addition, a first class customer service is provided. Our team of professionals has multidisciplinary qualities that can be of great help, taking into account that the result can be perfectly adapted to the user’s needs and the boat itself. 

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask for help from our professionals and buy your acrylic spare parts from Polimer Tecnic, the leader in the manufacture, installation and sale of nautical spare parts.


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