Swimming pools and aquariums

Nowadays, thanks to its great resistance, transparency, optical quality, warmth to the touch, safety and lightness, acrylic replaces glass when used in swimming pools and aquariums.

Architectural projects

At Polimer Tecnic we manufacture all kinds of flat and curved elements of any thickness and dimension, as well as all shapes and designs… for swimming pools, aquariums, transparent tanks, cylinders, rectangles, terrariums, zoos and museums.

Of all sizes, shapes and designs… At PT Polimer Tecnic we offer you a wide variety of plastic materials for swimming pools and aquariums: Acrylic (vitroflex, plexiglas, lucite, altuglass), foamed pvc (Kömaprint, Ongrofoam), PETG or polycarbonate (makrolife, lexan, makrolon).

Contact us and we will advise you on the most suitable material according to your needs.

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