Engraving and laser cutting

At Polimer Tecnic we offer engraving, laser cutting, milling and folding services for our materials. We will indicate the best option so that you can make your piece to measure.

Laser cutting leaves the piece cut with precision and with a perfect finish.

The engraving works allow to make any decorative motif or label on the acrylic with an excellent quality and an imperishable result.


Materials for this type of application: cast acrylic, PC, PETG, PVC.

Acrylic is one of the most transparent products in the world, it can be colored with any color and it is very easy to manipulate with simple tools, but to achieve an excellent cutting finish, the ideal is to use the appropriate machinery.

For any other question about methacrylate laser cutting and plastics engraving, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalized advice.

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