Vitrodeck ecological WP decking


    Product Information

    Are you considering a change in your terrace or garden, and looking for a resistant option that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come? If so, synthetic outdoor decking is your best option. But the versatility of this product goes far beyond that, and it is increasingly common to see it in walkways, pergolas or swimming pool paving, among many others. This is the reason why more and more individuals and companies are demanding this type of decking, but which one to choose? At Polimer Tecnic we recommend Vitrodeck, a material designed for the execution of ecological WPC decking, made with recycled plastics and with the possibility of constructing vertical elements such as pergolas, railings, bridges, signage, litter bins and furniture in general with planks and bars of the same material. Choosing our synthetic outdoor decking means opting for design, quality and a good price. Vitrodeck is produced by recycling plastic materials from industrial and urban waste, a mixture of materials that generates a robust and stable plastic matrix, which will guarantee you the best results. These synthetic wood-plastic decking boards are of the highest quality, and are used as the best alternative to flooring. They are easy to lay, require little maintenance and give a warm appearance. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material.


    Resistant to corrosion and vandalism, it does not rot and is unalterable. Lighter than steel, approximately 1/3 of its weight. Insulating. Impervious to water, humidity and chemical agents. Robust. Maintenance-free, easy to wash and disinfect. Non-slip. Resistant to parasites and fungi. Shock, tear and abrasion resistant. Low installation cost. Low initial investment ratio. Longer life cycle than other materials. Can be sawn, planed, machined, nailed, screwed and painted.

    In addition to Vitrodeck recycled plastic pallets, at Polimer Tecnic we have different types of profiles: circular, rectangular, quadrangular and triangular in brown, black, blue and green.

    Walkways and other applications with repeated exposure to water. As it is a type of cladding that is highly resistant to weather elements such as cold or rain, it is perfect for this use. Perimeter surface of swimming pools, terraces or non-slip entrances. Vitrodeck offers spectacular finishes, maintaining an appearance reminiscent of natural wood, but much more durable. In addition, its great resistance to humidity and sun without losing its properties and without the need for maintenance or continuous repairs, make it one of the best options for this type of surfaces. Paving for: swimming pools, gardens, terraces, balconies, decking, walkways, spas… Wood plastic decking does not rot with humidity, so its internal structure and visual appearance are maintained regardless of water. This makes them perfect for all types of flooring, regardless of their exposure to humidity. Finishing of facades, railings or ceilings. It is a material capable of providing finishes that simulate wood, very elegant, warm and with an incredible aesthetic result, without the need for maintenance and with the advantage of impermeability. Applications in terraces, gardening: pergolas, planters, panels… Vitrodeck can be used in all types of outdoor structures, providing durability and beauty.