Colaplex PMMA speedy glue


    Product Information

    Colaplex PMMA Speedy glue is a very fluid glue indicated for joining methacrylate (PMMA) materials for extrusion and casting.

    • Viscosity approx .: Up to 20 mPa-s Density: 1,2 gr./ cm3
    • Color: colorless to slightly yellow Storage: store in a closed container, in a cool place away from heat sources.
    • It has no flash point.
    • Expiration: more than three years under normal conditions.
    • Packaging: aluminum, glass and polyethylene (with a polyethylene container you can lose weight over time and increase the viscosity of the product).
    • To regulate the viscosity of COLAPLEX PMMA SPEEDY, COLAPLEX PMMA GOLD (viscous) can be used as a thickener.
    • Hardening of the product by absorption, evaporation and dissolution of the treated pieces.


    Minimum training in occupational risk prevention is recommended for the personnel who will handle this product, in order to facilitate the understanding and interpretation of this safety data sheet, as well as the labeling of the product.

    Directive 67/548 / EC and Directive 1999/45 / EC:

    Contains dichloromethane, nitromethane. UN 2810

    The product classification has been carried out in accordance with RD 363/1995 (Directive 67/548 / CE) and RD255 / 2003 (Directive 1999/45 / CE), adapting their provisions to Regulation (CE) nº1907 / 2006 (REACH Regulation) according to RD 1802/2008. Carc. Cat 3: R40 – Possible carcinogenic effects, R22: Harmful if swallowed

    Regulation No. 1272/2008 (CLP):

    H302 – Harmful if swallowed. H351 – Suspected of causing cancer. H319 – Causes serious eye irritation. H336 – May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

    For gluing and bonding extrusion and casting methyl acrylic (PMMA) materials.
    High-tech jobs in the industrial sector.
    The parts to be treated must be stress-free, thus avoiding micro-cracks due to the action of the solvent.
    High resistance when the glue has evaporated and the polymer is attached to the parts.
    You can also carry out previous tests for gluing with other plastic materials.


    The gluing with COLAPLEX PMMA SPEEDY glue is carried out indistinctly in extrusion and cast methacrylate. The union is carried out by capillarity and evaporation of the solvent, leaving the polymer adhered to the pieces.

    The edges to be glued must be perfectly flat to avoid the formation of bubbles.

    COLAPLEX PMMA SPEEDY is applied with a small bottle or syringe fitted with a cannula or needle, on the edges of the pieces to be joined, exerting a little pressure on them. Handling is recommended in a dry place at a temperature of 20-24ºC. The gluing time is a few minutes and after this, COLAPLEX PMMA SPEEDY offers a colorless finish. It does not fill in the gaps completely. COLAPLEX PMMA SPEEDY should not be used if there is condensation of moisture, as it can whiten the bond.

    The transport and movement of the piece after gluing must take place after three hours. The pieces must be dried in the open air and without wrapping so that the solvent evaporates. Complete evaporation of residual solvent will take place after 48 hours in the open air.

    To clean greases and static charges, it is recommended to use the COLAPLEX T-ANTISTATIC product.