Architectural applications

Plastic is the material that has changed architecture and construction the most in recent years, to such an extent that many modern buildings would be unimaginable without plastics.

We offer you a wide variety of plastic materials for architecture and exterior building construction: Acrylic (vitroflex, plexiglas, lucite, altuglass), foamed pvc (Kömaprint, Ongrofoam), PETG or polycarbonate (makrolife, lexan, makrolon).

At Polimer Tecnic we have Nummit Lab, a specific division for architecture. In our website You can find a large number of projects developed by our design team, divided into the following areas:

NummitLab has a showroom space in Barcelona for professionals and specifiers where they can see and touch our materials and will allow them to find the product that best suits each of their projects, with the advice of our technical team.

Contact us and we will advise you on the most suitable material according to your needs.

Facades, platforms and exterior terraces

Facades of singular buildings with impossible fantasy designs, standard facades in aluminum or polycarbonate, non-slip wooden imitation flooring, outdoor terraces resistant to the passage of time… At PT Polimer Tecnic we are specialists in original and unique projects of facades or exterior elements for architecture or construction.

No matter how difficult or unfeasible your idea may seem, even having been rejected by other companies, do not hesitate to consult with our Polimer Tecnic process engineering department and you will be able to develop it with security and confidence in the final result. That is why many great architects and builders have trusted us both nationally and internationally.

Uses and applications

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