Protection of machinery and parts

Ergonomics is one of the terms that are used today for advancement and renewal in industries.

At Polimer Tecnic we offer a wide range of plastic plates and profiles for the protection of machinery, being able to find polymers such as polycarbonate, PETG, PVC or acrylic specific for the food industry with food certification or other materials with antistatic, antireflective properties, specific for protection screens for welding, anti-abrasion... etc. We offer you cutting, milling and folding services so that you can make your piece to measure.


Materials for this type of application: Polycarbonate, Anti-abrasion Polycarbonate, Anti-static Polycarbonate, PETG, rigid PVC, Foamed PVC.

The arrival of new plastics has favored the change of materials used in the manufacture and protection of machinery and its parts: fairings, covers, transparent machinery protections, etc.

For any other question, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalized advice.

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