Acrylic aquariums and terrariums

At Polimer Tecnic we can supply materials or complete elements such as terrariums, tanks for zoos, seafood nurseries in restaurants, commercial aquariums with the function of preserving and maintaining the beauty of the content without losing visibility. In addition to carrying out custom projects for public and private institutions.

Light materials such as highly transparent and optical quality acrylic aquariums, allow versions in various finishes, colors and sizes, and with anti-abrasion options. And, although they have less weight than glass, security or protection is not lost in the final result.


Materials for this type of application: PMMA, PMMA blocks, TECNODECK, RECYCLED PE BOARDS, POLYCARBONATE.

The function is to preserve and maintain the beauty of the content without losing visibility. Acrylic aquariums allow it to be done with greater transparency and less weight than glass without losing security or protection in the final result.

For any other question about acrylic aquariums, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalized advice.

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