Recycled RPC polycarbonate

Product Information

RPC VITROFLEX is an opaque recycled polycarbonate. It has a high impact strength, but also offers high temperature resistance. RPC VITROFLEX is mainly manufactured in black for thermoforming. The sheet has a core of recycled material covered with a co-extruded top layer of virgin polycarbonate. RPC recycled polycarbonate is also available in a UV version, ideal for outdoor applications. With good quality RPC recycled polycarbonate, this is the environmentally friendly and most affordable option to polycarbonate.

Environmentally friendly with a core of recycled material. Good impact resistance. Wide temperature range. Optimal price.

With thicknesses ranging from 2 to 8 mm, they are offered in standard size 2050×1250 sheets with a maximum width of 1450mm. There are also various options for smooth grain, fine grain 35, medium engraving 40…

Automotive industry. Agricultural machinery, lids and containers. Heavy packaging industry, where a coloured band can be applied to identify a specific item.