Polycarbonate facades

The ventilated facades with plastic materials provide a continuous air flow to avoid the possible thermal expansion of the material.

In addition, these facades allow a variety of designs without limits. With our experience, our goal is to allow you to design freely by offering solutions that go beyond the typical and classic solutions, for this we offer a variety of materials and production systems.

Architectural applications and uses in facades

Among others, we offer compact, multiwall polycarbonate, aluminum composite panel, PVC, acrylic and other materials for application on facades, with a wide variety of colors and construction possibilities. There are also other options such as:

  • Profiles and tubes of acrylic or polycarbonate
  • Tecnodeck, maintenance-free technological wood profiles that offer a natural look and sandwich panels that are easy to install and countless shades.
  • Translucent and transparent materials for facades with good fire classification according to ISO13501-1 and other opaque with class A such as aluminum composite or fiber cement panel allow us to offer interesting alternatives.
  • Special color finishes, anti-abrasion surfaces, glass / polycarbonate laminates, bulletproof materials for shielding, vandal resistant for shop windows or glazing in public areas, surface textures, are some of the options we offer.
  • Multiwall or chamber products additionally offer good thermal insulation that reduces energy consumption compared to other alternatives.

The materials used for this type of application: UV polycarbonate, Rodeca polycarbonate systems, Tecnodeck, tubes, profiles, acrylic.

For any other query about polycarbonate and plastic facades, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalized advice.

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