Twinwall polycarbonate facades

Twinwall polycarbonate facades combine the excellent characteristics of polycarbonate with all the advantages associated with twinwall design. The result is strong sheets that stand out for being light and insulating, and for having a great attraction that can be used in different solutions such as facades.

At Polimertecnic we are specialists in the commercialisation of twinwall polycarbonate sheets, which have great performance, as well as great hardness, low weight and magnificent resistance to weathering and impacts. 

The resulting twinwall polycarbonate sheets can be perfectly adapted to any surface, whether flat, curved or sloping. In addition, they are low maintenance and have a very balanced weight considering their enormous strength. We will tell you all about it! 

Advantages of twinwall polycarbonate facades

In our company we have different types of polycarbonate facades and one of the most requested is the twinwall design with excellent mechanical and optimal properties

Thanks to our twinwall polycarbonate sheets, facades achieve supreme continuity and allow the interior of the buildings to be adequately illuminated. Furthermore, installation is very simple and quick, and during the process we ensure that the material retains its properties for a longer period of time. 

Twinwall polycarbonate generates good light transmission, which provides adequate comfort indoors, with the energy savings that the use of sunlight brings.  The truth is that twinwall polycarbonate has many advantages, as well as being highly resistant and acting as a great thermal insulator, it protects and filters UV radiation, and is easy to install. For all these reasons, we believe that it is an exceptional option that can be used in industrial, commercial, domestic or advertising applications. 

When discussing the advantages of twinwall polycarbonate facades we could go on for a long time, but we will try to be rigorous and summarise them so that they are sufficiently clear:

  • Twinwall polycarbonate offers good performance against fire.
  • It is much stronger than glass, offering high impact resistance.
  • It is a fairly lightweight material, protects against UV rays and is weather resistant.
  • It offers a high level of transparency and different finishes to choose from.
  • It maintains all its properties for years and requires very little maintenance so you don't have to worry about anything.
  • Its thermal insulation is superior, thus obtaining considerable energy savings.
  • It is fairly easy to handle and install, so only basic tools are needed.
  • It is both rigid and flexible enough to be placed anywhere where natural light is needed.  
  • It can be used on both vertical and inclined facades.
  • It offers greater durability, hail resistance and better insulation than other materials. 

Buy your polycarbonate facades at Polimertecnic

At Polimertecnic we have been offering solutions in the outdoor construction business for a long time with the best twinwall panels for facades and roofs in the market. Every day we strive to be the best and that is why we offer quality, professionalism and service in every project we take on.

All our polycarbonate sheets offer high UV protection on both sides and have years of warranty. In addition, we have a wide range of thicknesses and finishes to suit your needs and through our catalogue you can access the most common designs in twinwall polycarbonate, although we work to order according to your specifications.

Ask us and we will inform you about the creative possibilities of polycarbonate facades and their price so that you are sufficiently informed. Our systems offer a multitude of solutions and possibilities so that you can execute your project in the best possible way.

Twinwall polycarbonate panels stand out for their economic, ecological and aesthetic qualities, giving rise to efficient and unique creations. If you have a project pending, this material will meet all your expectations by offering originality, energy efficiency, resistance, acoustic insulation, natural lighting, aesthetics and solar protection.

At Polimertecnic we are used to providing different options to adjust to what the building needs, giving it a unique character. This translucent material stands out for providing certain incredible nuances and offers the possibility of opting for different finishes.     

Our polycarbonate facades are highly functional, highly insulating and virtually unbreakable. We have been working in all types of installations for many years and we can guarantee the high resistance and reliability of our panels.

If you are looking for panels with high economic and ecological efficiency, we advise you to pay attention to our polycarbonate system to cover all roofs, claddings and facades. 

Contact our team and convince yourself of the economic, energetic and functional power of cellular polycarbonate. We will be happy to answer your questions without any obligation on your part.  

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