Faced with the permanent demand for anti-contagion products and verifying an insufficient supply capacity, at Polimer Tecnic we have decided to collaborate in the fight against coronavirus by providing some of the protection elements that we have considered most necessary and effective, with the aim of helping to minimize its devastating effects as soon as possible and save as many human lives as possible.
To do this, we have put our design team to develop several anti-contagion products that allow businesses to protect their workers and customers from the coronavirus. Depending on their needs, and meeting the specifications of various sectors, we have developed sterilizable masks, protective masks, various types of anti-contagion screens and also in collaboration with medical teams and hospitals we have developed an innovative product such as the Aerosol Box that allows patients hospitals and medical centers reduce the risks of contagion to their healthcare personnel when they must perform intubations

Main Polimer Tecnic anti-contagion products

The products we offer have been designed and manufactured based on the needs we have detected. Many of them have official certifications or have been created based on specific standards. Among the anti-contagion products offered Polimer Tecnic you will find:

  • Protective masks from € 7. We offer a solution that reduces the chances of contagion for your company staff in contact with the public or other employees.
  • Anti-contagion screens from € 15. We design custom-made or using pre-established dimensions anti-contagion screens that are mandatory in businesses and that allow increasing security in those spaces where security can be maintained. We adapt to vehicles, factories, offices, hairdressers, shops, etc.
  • Intubation aerosol box. We have designed a healthcare product that enables medical personnel to perform intubation procedures without being exposed to viral load.
  • Sterilizable masks from € 2,75. A reusable solution that reduces contagion while solving the problem of waste from single-use masks.

Advantages of choosing Polimer Tecnic as a supplier of anti-contagion products

Among the advantages of having us as your specific supplier of material to avoid the risks of coronavirus in your business are:

  • We have several factories. We can offer you supply guarantees and adapt to your needs
  • Customization of measures and quantities. In the case of partitions, we can make them to measure, so that they adapt to the needs of your business. In the rest of anti-covid-19 materials, we offer you a specific offer according to the units you require.
  • National design and manufacture. Our companies follow strict manufacturing protocols and standards at the European level and manufacture the products in Spain.
  • Personalized advice. You can count on our specialized team for your advice and thus order the best solutions for your activity.

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