Acrylic noise barriers

Noise barriers made of acrylic plastic are designed primarily for noise reduction in places that are generally located on roads where noise pollution can occur and require an installation of this type for interior protection. 

They are a good solution to reduce the visual impact produced by other types of barriers that are normally used in motorways, homes, sports facilities or other locations. 

At Polimertecnic we offer you different possibilities for the production and installation of acoustic barriers made of acrylic plastic.

Types of Acrylic Noise Barriers and their applications

Acrylic noise barriers can be found in two different formats. 

  • On the one hand, there are the transparent acoustic panels which are translucent and offer a practical and functional service so that light can completely pass through so you can see what is on the other side of the panel, as well as being a product whose dimensions can be adapted to the size of the surfaces.
  • On the other hand, there are the semi-transparent and opaque models. The former allows light to pass through, but does not become a transparent surface, but rather filters the light and reduces visibility so that what is on the opposite side cannot be seen; as for the latter, the opacity does not allow light to pass through and visibility to the other side is completely lost.

It should be noted that the noise panels can be manufactured in different colours or they can also be colourless; in this way, the desired chromatic models can be acquired according to each client’s needs or the location where they are going to be placed. The aim is to reduce acoustic and visual impact, but they can also have a decorative utility within the space in which they are located.

Applications may include the following:

  • Railway noise barriers and road noise barriers. These can be transparent, in case you want to give visibility to the space opposite the road, or opaque, if you want to hide the landscape that is on the other side.
  • Protection for noise insulation: mainly aimed at the reduction of noise and external noise in order to protect the interior spaces from noise pollution that may be present in exterior areas. Thus, a clear reduction of sound waves is achieved in order to achieve protection and safety.
  • Noise barrier screens for industrial spaces where there may precisely be a greater diffusion of noise and maintain a visual control of the area in which the source of the noise is located.
  • Urban infrastructures designed to protect parks, gardens, playgrounds, sports areas, architectures and other special glazing for housing structures, shops or other buildings.

Why choose an acrylic or polycarbonate noise barrier?

Acrylic plastic and polycarbonate noise barriers have several advantages. On the one hand, it should be noted that they have a very efficient soundproofing power. This basically allows the reduction of sounds and noises that can cause discomfort to the population and to the fauna and flora found in nature. 

In actual fact,having a noise barrier is a way of improving the environment as we can avoid direct contact with external noise that provides soundproofing and protection. After all, it is an indispensable resource for railways or motorways that are close to residential areas.

Another advantage is that they allow the transmission of natural or artificial light in the case of transparent screens. This allows the ability to glimpse the landscape on the other side of the barriers, while providing a clear weather resistance against the adversity of bad weather conditions at the same time. In addition, it protects against ultraviolet rays and prevents glare, so that it can be an effective resource for protection, security and to obtain the necessary light for the functions that are carried out next to the barrier.

Outdoor noise barriers are placed where there may be a clear threat of continuous noise or noise that exceeds optimal levels for quality of life. In addition, it is recyclable and completely functional. It is also a material that prevents pollution during its manufacturing process, making it an element that is very practical and easy to produce with a level of efficiency in its use that provides a higher quality than other types of barriers or panels that are less practical and efficient.

The installation can be done by means of the arrangement of metallic profiles that, in fact, allow the separation of each one of the panels, in order to make a quick, efficient and resolute assembly in a short time. This can be seen, for example, in the case of motorway noise barriers. They become a very interesting anti-noise fence that is capable of achieving an optimal protection system that definitively puts an end to the deafening noise produced especially by means of transport.

The choice of acoustic barrier made of acrylic plastic or polycarbonate allows the achievement of safety and efficiency in the result. Noise levels are completely reduced and the visual impact that can be generated by a motorway, railway line or any other location that can cause an environmental impact, such as industries, construction sites or urban and sports areas that generate excessive noise, is avoided.

In terms of materials, it is worth using acrylic or polycarbonate, two products that guarantee resistance over time and are strong enough to withstand possible impacts from the outside. Moreover, they can be made to measure according to the needs and depending on the space where the barriers are to be placed; that is to say, they offer a really interesting level of adaptability so that they can be placed in complex and difficult to access places.

At the same time, they offer a particular advantage: they can be personalised. In this sense, letters, colours or logos can be placed according to the client's needs, to which must be added the modern and sophisticated air they offer and the conservation of an image appropriate to the circumstances that does not change with the passage of time.

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