Interior lighting

Interior design is one of the professions that most needs new trends in lighting. Our selection of translucent and transparent materials in different formats (bars, profiles, sheets, etc ...) Bencore and 3form, will allow you to create lighting projects that provide a plus, designing specific installations for each space, with unique personalized environments.

Lighting with LED-powered acrylic lamps or panels, backlit partitions, light fixtures, backlit ceilings and illuminated floors, LED signs, lighting with minimalist polycarbonate profiles, lighting diffusers such as LED diffusers, which illuminate specific areas of a space, panels with a variety of surface finishes to give that characteristic touch, partitions, furniture, lighting projects in stores in offices, hotels, and restaurants, among others.

NummitLab is the Polimer Tecnic exhibition space for professionals in the sector, located in Barcelona, ​​with a wide range of materials for architecture and interior design. At NummitLab you will find the product that best suits each of your projects, with the advice of our technical team.


Materials for this type of application PC, PMMA, PMMA led, Bencore, 3 form, PETG frosted.

Interior design is one of the professions that most needs new trends in lighting. Polimer Tecnic has the latest plastic materials for rear light systems (Backlight) and perimeter light systems (Edgelight). Materials such as acrylic or polycarbonate are two of the most used in this sector.

For any other question, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalized advice.

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