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Technology gives us new materials on a daily basis and with them opens up endless possibilities whether we are talking about home design or equipping workspaces or urban furniture. They are an exceptional option for both exterior and interior construction

One of the main advances in this sense are acrylic mirrors, commonly known as safety mirrors, as it is a material that has the same appearance as a normal mirror, with the same reflective capacity, but with characteristics that make it much safer for all types of environments. 

Advantages of the acrylic mirrors vs. glass mirrors

At Polimer Tecnic we work with Vitroflex PMMA acrylic mirror sheets. This mirror offers a high reflection capacity, equal to that of glass to the naked eye, but has numerous advantages over the latter:

  • Greater safety: Mirror acrylic resistance to breakage is 10 times higher than that of glass, being especially suitable for use in environments where they can receive blows such as workplaces or small children's rooms. 
  • Lighter: Acrylic plastic is significantly lighter than glass, making it easier to transport, handle and install. It is much easier to place anywhere and offers less risk of accidents due to its lighter weight. 
  • More manageable: these mirrors are also much more manageable than glass. It is a much more flexible material and easier to mould and adapt to virtually any shape, so custom projects are also more feasible. It is cold, bendable, thermoformable and very easy to manipulate mechanically.
  • Highly weather resistant: Acrylic mirrors are also very suitable for outdoor or exposed environments, as this material has a much higher resistance to the elements and UV rays. After 10 years of exposure there will be no visible ageing as long as it receives minimal maintenance. 
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: it acts as an excellent insulator, so large mirrors will also provide greater insulation to the spaces they are in, contributing to energy savings and minimising noise nuisance. 
  • In addition, like common acrylic plastic, acrylic mirrors can be glued along the edges, providing even more design facilities.

On request, at Polimer Tecnic you can also order polycarbonate mirrors with greater resistance to fire and vandalism for specific needs. 

Acrylic mirror applications 

Acrylic mirrors should be hung on a rigid, resistant and smooth support that optimises its properties, such as plywood, plasterboard or similar, with a surface suitably treated with paint or sealant to avoid problems with the possible transmission of humidity. 

The mirror is then attached to the substrate by applying adhesive mass or tape over its entire surface or, if necessary, by drilling holes in the mirror and then fastening it with screws, without over-tightening to avoid pressure marks. 

Although they may seem demanding, all these characteristics make it much simpler and more adaptable than traditional glass, which is why acrylic mirrors are used in all kinds of areas. 

One of the most common is the design of rooms for small children with mirrors of considerable size for educational purposes, or even in nurseries where many of them are used. The high resistance of the material makes them very suitable, as the child can interact freely with the mirror without fear of breakage or accidents. 

They are also used in environments where bumps can occur occasionally, such as nursing homes or work areas, places where safety is always the top priority.

On the other hand, its great resistance to weathering makes it very suitable for gardens and exteriors where a glass mirror would be impractical, and acrylic plastic also contributes to the thermal insulation of the place. 

Finally, it is also very suitable for shops, exhibitions and even visual merchandising, again thanks to its characteristics of resistance, lightness and safety, being at the same time a way to make the best aesthetic use of a shop window or stand and to protect it from accidents or inclement weather.

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At Polimer Tecnic we have more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture and production of plastic materials for professionals of all kinds. Currently, we have factories in several countries that allow us to meet orders both nationally and internationally. 

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