Greenhouses and terrariums

The easy handling, its wide range of structures, measures, colors, accessories and its competitive prices, make polycarbonate, both corrugated, wave and multiwall, one of the star products for the realization of greenhouses.

A lightweight product with great resistance that comes with standard or improved sun protection for latitudes with higher radiation (Africa, Middle East). So they meet the highest functional requirements.

If what you are looking for in your project is an image similar to glass, at Polimer Tecnic we recommend materials such as Vitroflex PC UV or Vitroflex PMMA UV, which are also suitable for outdoor installations, offering versions with special properties such as resistant to ultraviolet radiation, with treatments anti-condensation, anti-abrasion, etc.


Materials for this type of application: cellular polycarbonate, UV acrylic, anti-abrasion PC.

Polycarbonate, cellular polycarbonate and acrylic are materials that allow an infinite number of forms and installation methods, as well as meeting the highest functional requirements. We can even make greenhouses or terrariums for animals or plants with high demands with special properties such as transparent to ultraviolet radiation, with anti-condensation, anti-abrasion treatments, etc.

For any other question about polycarbonate and acrylic greenhouses, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personalized advice.


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