Personal protection equipment (PPE) manufacturing for suppliers

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for those jobs in which, basically, there may be certain risks to physical integrity. The aim of manufacturing multifunctional products is the fulfilment of projects that offer greater personal safety, both at work and at home.

This is Polimer Tecnic’s filosophy as a PPE manufacturer for suppliers: creating equipment that complies with all specific regulations and has a functional application with special attention to safety and transport.

Uses of PPE or personal protection equipment

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is the best resource to avoid risks that may cause health problems or physical harm during the course of a particular job. In general, they are usually mandatory in activities such as construction or in factories, but they are also mandatory in other types of productive activities. 

In fact, there is a wide range of personal protective equipment depending on the risk to be prevented: goggles, screens, helmets or gowns are the most common pieces of equipment for PPE. Taking into account the risks, the most commonly used personal protective equipment are for impact resistance, anti-fogging systems or anti-reflection devices. Similarly, they also fulfil anti-abrasion functions, with practical flexibility to provide maximum comfort when doing the job. This is why they are used, for example, in police shields, protective goggles, screens, protective helmets, etc.

On the other hand, we should not forget that they also serve the purpose of preventing the spread of viruses. This was particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of systems to protect against the spread of the virus has been a success. 

The usefulness of PPE against COVID is unquestionable, given that it prevents the entry of viruses into the body thanks to the fact that the materials the PPE is made out of are resistant and effective, with no possibility of being penetrated by viruses or bacteria. Examples of the use of PPE include goggles, masks and screens.

Safety PPE is an effective means of protecting people's health and safety. In any job that involves certain risks, it is necessary to have top quality materials; that is why Polimer Tecnic offers all types of PPE manufacturing materials that will allow real and functional safety.

The quality and efficiency of all the equipment means that companies are committed to equipping workers with all the safety systems that are decisive and practical, favouring work activity without there being any kind of impediment that could cause difficulties in the performance of work functions.

Types of plastics for PPE at Polimer Tecnic

Polimer Tecnic offers exceptional quality in the manufacturing of PPE products for suppliers and companies. The aim is to ensure complete safety and, above all, make work easier without the worker suffering any kind of risk. This approach is basically self-evident if maximum efficiency and durability are the main aim when creating plastics used for the manufacture of PPE.

Our personal protective equipment is made from top quality materials. All of them are confirmed as elementary resources to achieve maximum efficiency and resistance over time. Depending on the type of PPE, it should be noted that the materials are made of materials such as, for example, polycarbonate and glass; they may even be mixed. They all consist of BR3, BR4, BR5, BR6, BR7 certified materials. For the best possible use, they are custom-laminated and provide functionality for work use. Take a look at our Plexiglass sheets for more information on composition.

With regard to polycarbonate, we offer a moldable anti-abrasion version, as well as those with UV protection. In this sense, it is necessary to talk about vitroflex, a product that offers an unequalled optimum quality, high transparency and offers high resistance to impact and to the different outdoor temperatures. However, there is also the option of polycarbonate without UV protection, which is characterised by its strength against high temperatures, while maintaining an exceptional surface and transparency.

Acrylic Plexiglass is another of the most resistant materials for PPE manufacturing and offers really good functionality due to its efficiency, transparency and clearness. It is considered an alternative to glass as it is much lighter; furthermore, it does not suffer the consequences of ageing and is one of the sustainable materials, being environmentally friendly as it does not give off toxic gases during handling, which is why it is known as recycled cast acrylic plastic.

Another example is vitroflex PMMA extrusion, a material with high transparency and better impact resistance than glass. Again, this is a product that is ten times lighter than glass. It has excellent transparency and its handling is really practical and easy, making it cost-friendly. However, it has a high light transmission, which is one of the particularities of this product that undoubtedly enters the group of the best for PPE materials.

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