Vitroflex wallguard wall cladding


    Product Information

    VITROFLEX WALLGUARD® is a game-changing, maintenance-free wall protection coating with a wide range of colours and a quality that contributes to the care and protection of walls. Due to their high resistance to impact, breakage and surface abrasion, VITROFLEX WALLGUARD® wall protection systems and coatings allow walls and partitions to be protected and decorated with a high aesthetic value and effectiveness in all types of spaces whose walls suffer frequent impacts and deterioration or where maintaining them in good condition involves permanent maintenance and painting costs. VITROFLEX WALLGUARD® has a very thin thickness that reduces the thickness of the wall, thus increasing the size of the free space. VITROFLEX WALLGUARD® is the best option for wall covering due to its good fire resistance, certified Bs1d0, guaranteeing that in the event of a fire, or a minor fire in elements such as a waste bin, rubbish bin, curtains, etc. that could affect the coated walls, we will not generate the deadly toxic gases generated by the products used to date based on PVC or the rapid spread of fire caused by polyethylene.

    Non-polluting and 100% recyclable material. Free of halogens (chlorine, bromine, etc.). High mechanical resistance properties, as well as electrical and thermal insulation. Bs1d0 fire certification. Easy to machine. Can be cold bent. Resistant to humidity. Resists impacts and scratches well, remaining unaltered once installed without suffering the degradation suffered over time by other materials such as wood, phenolic laminates (HPL), fibreglass, plasterboard or all painted surfaces. Easily washable with soap and water. Non-porous. Does not give off any odour like PVC, even at high temperatures. High impact resistance. Wide temperature range of use (-20°C to 100°C). Good abrasion resistance. Washable with water and neutral detergents. Available in colourless, opaque and metallic colours. Colours are mass pigmented. Possibility to increase the matt effect of the surface on request. Any RAL or PANTONE colour can be produced on minimum order.

    Standard size 3050×1250 mm. Thickness: 1.7 mm. Special widths between 1000 and 1450 available on request. Bs1d0 fire certified. Option in super-matt finish.

    High traffic areas. Areas of high wear and tear. Educational centres. Recreational and sports areas. Health & sanitary areas. Industry and commerce.