Dividers for offices

At Polimer Tecnic we have a wide range of materials for partition walls and doors, as well as complete solutions with their profiles and accessories. Light materials that distribute the spaces, providing them with greater acoustic insulation without reducing luminosity.

Our wide range of colors, textures and opacities are also joined by innovative materials from our represented Bencore and 3form with custom design finishes, pieces with a great diversity of cores, which can also be used for the realization of doors with materials that reduce from significantly the weight of the whole.

At Polimer Tecnic, we also have dividing screens that allow the partitioning of spaces and acoustic insulation for offices, call centers, game rooms.

Polycarbonate and acrylic enclosures

Partition screens for offices are a great option, but if the objective is to achieve greater insulation, a good solution may be to resort to an enclosure. We have a wide variety of materials that adapt to the needs of each space, such as acrylic and polycarbonate.

If we ask ourselves how to make an enclosure with polycarbonate, the material without UV protection is perfect for interior spaces. However, if the enclosure is exterior, the most appropriate is to use polycarbonate with UV protection.

If we prefer to make an acrylic enclosure for exteriors, such as a terrace, extrusion or casting are highly recommended. For interiors, it is also a material that offers guarantees.

With these materials we will obtain good insulation and resistance to impacts, without losing luminosity in our offices or outdoor spaces.


Materials for this type of application: Bencore, 3form, PC and PMMA, multiwall PC.

Realization of distribution systems and interior enclosures with innovative materials such as Bencore, luminous panels and acrylic or polycarbonate partitions, fluorescent acrylic panels, etc. Execution with this type of material significantly reduces the weight of the set.

For any other question about our acrylic and polycarbonate screens, we have qualified technical staff who will provide personal advice.

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