Plastic wall cladding and cladding panels manufacturing

Plastic interior wall cladding is a feasible solution for homes, offices and other public spaces. It becomes an ideal resource due to its resistance and efficiency, taking into account that this type of walls are shock resistant and have an unalterable nature that, in fact, provides durability and quality assurance in the long term. At Polimer Tecnic we manufacture acrylic plastic and other interior cladding solutions that offer resistance and maximum quality, complying at all times with European legislation.

The service offered by Plexiglass acrylic plastic has been proven by the good behaviour of this material in the face of fire and other impacts, rubbing and scratches. This results in a product that undoubtedly meets expectations and provides the desired comfort for interiors. 

This is why  it has come to be considered a necessary material for different structures in living spaces or spaces that are to be used in public services: nurseries, hotels, restaurants, homes, offices, hospitals, etc. In order to know the functions of acrylic plastic and other plastic cladding coatings more specifically, its different applications are shown below.

Uses of plastic walls

Plastic wall claddings are a very suitable structural alternative for architecture and construction. As it is a high quality plastic material, it can be used in a variety of applications that offer a really interesting functionality and practicality. 

  • Soundproofing: Acrylic plastic walls offer the possibility of being used as soundproofing screens. With them, sounds and noises from the environment can be eliminated to guarantee a sense of well-being and silence in the space where they have been placed.
  • Dividing walls: when it comes to dividing spaces, it is advisable to use materials such as acrylic plastic  to achieve a differentiation of rooms and thus achieve a certain degree of organisation in offices and other public spaces. Similarly, they can also be found in the form of screens, something really interesting to hide certain parts that require a little more privacy.
  • Wall covering: they serve the purpose of covering the walls in order to reinforce and offer resistance to possible impacts, scratches or possible affections that may occur on the surface. In addition, they can create a pleasant atmosphere through chromatic combinations, textures, screen printing or other customised designs to produce aesthetic effects.

Acrylic plastic wall cladding applications

Acrylic plastic wall coverings fulfil a similar function to walls; however, they have a special feature: they function simply as a cover or cladding for a surface. In this sense, acrylic plastic sheets can be highlighted with the same guarantees and the benefits of a material that, basically, provides all kinds of facilities to achieve a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere without renouncing the aesthetics appropriate to the user's needs.

Acrylic plastic sheet claddings are used for surfaces that need to be protected or reinforced, as well as if you want to embellish a specific surface with a personalised aesthetic of colours or designs. This plastic material is easy to install and provides considerable long-term durability

They are easy to mechanise and mould, as well as being available in different formats, the most common being rectangular. In addition, it has the ability to be a thermal and acoustic insulator and you can also find transparent plastic wall protectors.

Buy your plastic wall cladding at Polimer Tecnic at the best price. 

At Polimer Tecnic you can find the best quality plastic walls and claddings. All of them are made by the best professionals and we offer a team of advisors who can guide you according to your needs, paying special attention to the type of surface to be covered. Our experts in acrylic plastic take into account all the thoughts you have in mind and guide you regarding the possibilities that can be applied.

The price of plastic wall cladding is low and affordable considering the good guarantees it offers and its durability. It offers the opportunity to acquire the product at a reduced price and with the maximum guarantees that you are going to obtain the best quality and a functionality that, without a doubt, is worth it. The entire range of products is available on our website, with the aim of finding the desired coating and with which you can obtain the best quality.

In addition, at Polimer Tecnic you have the opportunity to create your custom-made acrylic plastic sheet. Designs are made according to your needs and taking into account the different applications you want. Before buying plastic wall cladding, we need to know what you need so that, from there, we can manufacture the product that meets your expectations and functionalities. To do this, we carry out a study to find out how we can help you and meet the goal you have set.

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