Acrylic walls and plastic coverings such as polycarbonate and acrylic

The best option for interior wall cladding is one that provides an unalterable surface and does not require maintenance. At Polimer Tecnic we distribute materials in the form of plastic panels for walls resistant to shocks and that do not degrade over time, in addition to withstanding friction and scratches much better than paint, allowing them to be washed and disinfected if necessary and not lose the original color with exposure to the Sun.

In addition, we have materials that comply with European legislation on fire behavior, which makes them suitable for use in: nurseries, hotels, ski lockers, restaurants, industrial clean rooms, nursing homes and hospitals, among others. We have a wide range of colors and finishes that also includes the necessary elements for installation, as well as customizable surfaces by unalterable subsequent printing or screen printing.


When we talk about acrylic walls and plastic material, we refer to a very wide range of options, both for materials and applications, which must be analyzed by professionals who know both the properties of each of the materials and the regulations that apply depending on the way and place where you want to install.

We have materials to make walls, soundproof screens, partitions in offices, screens, wall coverings. These different installations can be associated with both perimeter and rear lighting to obtain striking and attractive effects, or to create personalized environments.

We also have materials with three-dimensional effects that allow combinations of colors and textures, such as Bencore, Vitroflex PC multiwall or 3form.

The main materials used are Wallguard, PVC, Bs1d0 polycarbonate, PE polyethylene, PP polypropylene and acrylic. One or the other will be used depending on the desired effect, the level of protection required and the standards that apply in the place where they are installed. It is not the same to install in an operating room, than in a train car, or in an office, or in a cutting room of a slaughterhouse.

For any questions about our acrylic walls or their price, we have qualified technical staff who will provide both architects and engineers, as well as installers or end customers with personalized advice.

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