High performance chemical bonding and gluing

The chemical joining of methacrylate pieces is a process by which two or more pieces are permanently assembled by means of physical-chemical processes.

Based on the experience acquired after years of manufacturing pieces of methacrylate and other plastic materials, at Polimer Tecnic polymeric materials with the highest quality standards can be joined. During this process, various techniques are used as needed to achieve seams that are barely visible to the eye. These types of interventions are usually carried out in thick blocks and special pieces in which a methacrylate chemical union allows the final piece to be considered as a whole in terms of resistance and performance.

On the other hand, Polimer Tecnic sells a line of glues for methacrylate and adhesives under the Pegacril brand that is suitable for the different jobs that the client may need. Economical price solvent based glue such as DS or more advanced glues such as DX1 and DX2 depending on the degree of viscosity, which offer a professional finish. A polycarbonate glue is also available.

As manufacturers, we have formulations of UV curing or two-component glues that we only manufacture specifically for customers who purchase them in large quantities as we manufacture them specifically to order.

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