Cellular polycarbonate

Product Information

VITROFLEX CELLULAR PC is a lightweight polycarbonate sheet with a hollow, corrugated inner structure. It is characterised by high impact resistance and high light transmission, together with improved insulation depending on the product chosen. VITROFLEX CELLULAR PC is available in different thicknesses, cell structures, a variety of colours and can also be produced in different densities suitable for each project.

High light transmission. Possibility of curved installation. UV protection on one or both sides. 10 year guarantee Lightweight – Easy to handle and assemble. Good rigidity

VITROFLEX CELLULAR POLYCARBONATE in all its range of structures and thicknesses, can be manufactured in different colours, the colourless and the opal being the standard products in stock in most thicknesses and structures. For bronze and other colours, please contact us. In addition to the smooth surface structure, a light-diffusing hammered finish is available on request. A high-quality UV protection layer is available as standard on one side. A double-sided coating is available as an option. There is also a solar control option, which reduces the passage of heat and infrared radiation.

Roofs. Greenhouses. Skylights. Skylights. Sheds and carports. Stadiums and atriums. Swimming pools. Interior partitions. Protective panels. Furniture. Signage. Stands. Ceilings. Underground stations. Lift cabins. Advertising signs.