Plastic product maintenance

Product Information

In the online sale of Polimer Tecnic we have the necessary plastic cleaner to join, clean and polish all types of plastic products. From our company we believe that the best maintenance requires the best products to achieve maximum durability.

Thus, in our plastic treatment catalog we offer the following products:

For cleaning acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PS, ABS… we offer different plastic cleaners: Netacril GP (concentrated cleaner) and Netacrila PT (diluted cleaner). The way to use these plastic maintenance products is simple: just spray on the surface to be cleaned and then rub with a soft cloth to remove the stains and impurities that spoil the final finish.

For the union between plates, we have a wide range of glues. You can consult more information about them in the Supply tab at the bottom of this page, with all the products we have for sale and their corresponding prices.

And for plastic polishing, we have a very effective product that works for all types of acrylics. You will also receive information about your online purchase by consulting the Supply tab.

If you have any questions or queries about the use of our plastic cleaning, bonding and polishing products, we have qualified technical staff who will provide you with personalized advice. At Polimer Tecnic we offer the best prices and we have highly specialized professionals who will analyze your specific needs so that you can make the best decision.