Illuminating Navarra

We are proud to have carried out, together with ASL Lighting and Lamp, the incorporation into the facade of the Reyno de Navarra Arena Multipurpose Pavilion of 942 luminaires that create an impressive image of the building both by day and by night.
These luminaires, which stand out from the façade plane, have been specially designed for this Project by the prestigious lighting consultancy ALS Lighting and with technical direction and execution by Polimer Tecnic.

The light of each "cube" is adjustable and functions as an independent light cell, which allows creating non-uniform, dynamic and vibrant light effects throughout the façade.
Each cube measures 1500 X 500, dimensions that made this project difficult to carry out, but after numerous tests and color tests over several months, a piece of high luminous performance, impact resistance and homologation of its resistance to fire was achieved.


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