Acrylic Stairs and Handrails

Acrylic plastic is a material with good characteristics and you have probably already noticed that it is very resistant and offers an excellent optical quality. That is why it is common to use this material in projects such as menu holders in restaurants, protection boxes for delicate objects, display shelves, etc.

But at Polimertecnic we want to go further and we have introduced this plastic into the world of construction and architecture with innovative projects such as acrylic staircases and railings. The results are magnificent, so read on to discover them.

Why choose acrylic handrails and staircases?

Acrylic is a plastic material with a large number of uses and its main characteristic is its good resistance. Unlike other materials, acrylic plastic is resistant to all kinds of knocks and withstands weather conditions without deteriorating. 

Acrylic plastic can be defined as a plastic material whose properties are so particular that they make it different from the rest. You can also find acrylic plastic with the PMMA acronym, although its more technical name would be polymethylmethacrylate. This thermoplastic product is derived from petroleum and its first presentation is in sheets obtained from polymerisation.

Acrylic plastic is therefore highly recommended for all projects that require special strength, such as handrails. Acrylic handrails are objects in the house that do not necessarily have to support a great amount of weight in their daily life, but they must be resistant to avoid any possible accident.

The nature of Plexiglas allows railings to withstand impacts twenty times stronger than glass. For this very reason, methacrylate has begun to be used in the world of architecture and construction, for example in objects such as acrylic handrails for stairs.

When compared to glass, acrylic plastic provides a greater versatility allowing the installation of highly resistant and transparent handrails. This is possible in straight stairs as well as in curved and spiral acrylic staircases. This process is achieved through thermoforming and the results are permanent.

This material weighs much less than glass and offers anti-abrasion finishes, i.e. resistant to scratches and scuffs. You can also choose the level of transparency you want, so that your railing looks exactly as you intended. The safety of acrylic railings is very good against breakage. This allows us to drill holes in the piece, cut it if necessary and install it easily and safely.

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