Vitroflex PMMA mirror acrylic plastic

Product Information

VITROFLEX PMMA MIRROR ACRYLIC PLASTIC is a highly reflective mirror that offers the lightness and breakage resistance of plexiglass (10 times greater than glass). VITROFLEX PMMA MIRROR ACRYLIC PLASTIC offers an accurate reflection on small components, slightly decreasing the accuracy on larger surfaces. VITROFLEX PMMA MIRROR ACRYLIC PLASTIC is mainly recommended for relatively small applications, such as interior decoration fittings, nurseries, retirement homes, visual merchandising, shop design… and/or where safety considerations require good resistance to plexiglass sheet breakage .  VITROFLEX PMMA MIRROR ACRYLIC PLASTIC can also be used outdoors, and can be milled, drilled, sawed or laser cut, just like regular acrylic plastic.

Lightweight. Shatter resistance: can be 10 times more resistant to breakage than glass. Cold bending: simple bends with a minimum radius of 1,150 mm for a thickness of 3 mm and 2,300 mm radius for a thickness of 6 mm. Thermoformable: limited to straight lines bent with application of local heat by glow wire. Easy to handle, score, electric saw with sheet metal type blades and drill with soft metal bits or special bits. Can be edge-glued like standard methacrylate. Cleaning: VITROFLEX MIRROR PMMA should be cleaned by applying a soft damp cloth to the front, preferably with NETACRIL or equivalent to reduce dust attraction.


Standard sizes: 2050 x 3050 mm. Standard thickness: 1.5 mm to 6 mm. Mirrored polycarbonate with improved fire rating and increased vandal resistance can be supplied on request. Available in the following colours: pink (1750), violet (1770), dark blue (1680), blue (1630), sky blue (1620), green (1550), red (1280), light red (1270), orange (1360), amber (1320), yellow (1460), anthracite (1885), grey (1862), bronze (0145), copper (1350), gold (1440), silver (0100).

Interior decoration accessories. Nursery schools. Elderly people’s homes. Visual merchandising. Shop design,… and/or where safety considerations require the high resistance to breakage of the acrylic plastic sheet.