Bencore ecoben panels

Product Information

ECOBEN is a composite panel for interior architecture with a honeycomb core in 100% recycled cardboard formed by overlapping corrugated caps at 5 mm spacing. Ecoben is laminated with co-polyester resin or acrylic resin, and can have smooth and satin finishes. ECOBEN can be used for walls, doors, tables, shelves and many other applications in interior architecture with a high design content and originality focused on natural or recycled materials.

High aesthetic performance. Compatible with backlighting. Available in different colours and finishes

It is offered in various versions of smooth and satin finishes, with an extra option that offers class 2 fire certification according to UNI9177.

Dividing panels. Furniture. Visual Merchandising. Backlighting. Stands for trade fairs. Interior architecture. Doors.