Glue Pegacril WG04

Product Information

Pegacril WG04 is an acrylic adhesive in aqueous dispersion, free of solvents, which is presented as a light beige paste and is indicated for the application of Vitroflex Wallguard on plasterboard. Due to its particular formulation, the adhesive is characterized by the speed of the initial tack and can remain open for a long time, with a tough and elastic final film.

  • Very easy to apply.
  • It can stay open for quite some time.
  • Excellent impregnation of the reverse side of the coating.
  • High adhesion, high resistance to peeling.
  • Tenacious and elastic film, with “thread effect”.
  • Optimal adhesion to different PVC backs.
  • Ideal for areas exposed to wheelchair traffic according to the EN 12529 regulation.
  • Solvent free.
  • Not flammable.
  • EMICODE EC1 Plus (with very low emissions).
  • Safe for the health of the applicator and the end user.
    • Drywall walls in which Vitroflex Wallguard is installed.
    • Specific adhesive for laying PVC flooring, for professional use.
    • Indoor applications, on floors and walls and radiant heating systems.
    • Indicated for: intense static and dynamic loads in residential, commercial and industrial environments (for example hospitals, shopping centers, airports, etc.).
    • Ideal for the passage of wheelchairs in accordance with EN 12529.
    • Used to glue: Vitroflex Wallaguard, PVC on rolls, PVC on foam and multilayer, Flexible Vinyl Tile (VCT); latex, PVC foam or polyurethane backed carpets; flocked flooring; PVC wall coverings.



    • The substrates must be uniformly flat, dry, mechanically resistant, free of dust, cracks, paints, waxes, oils, oxides, remains of plaster or other products that may impair adhesion.
    • On non-absorbent substrates, apply a plaster of at least 2 mm thick.
    • The moisture content must be as prescribed: indicatively, for cement-based substrates a maximum of 2-2,5%, and for gypsum-based or anhydrite-based substrates a maximum of 0,5%.


    PEGACRIL WG04 is ready to use and does not need any preparation. Mix the adhesive well in the container before use.
    Spread the necessary amount of adhesive on the support, using the appropriate toothed spatula.
    In the case of placing light wallcoverings on walls, it is possible to use a long-nailed roller as an alternative (check that an ideal impregnation of the back of the wallcovering is guaranteed).