Product Information

COLAPLEX T-ANTISTATIC is an antistatic cleaner indicated for cleaning plastic materials such as methacrylate, polycarbonate, PETG, PVC or others.

  • Density: 0,998 gr./ cm3
  • Color: slightly yellowish.
  • Store in a closed container, in a cool place, between 10 and 60ºC.
  • It has no flash point.
  • Expiration: greater than five years.
  • Container: polyethylene.
  • Hazardous decomposition products are not produced.


Directive 67/548 / EC and Directive 1999/45 / EC:
Contains cetrimonium chloride (-2%) in 1000 ml demineralized H2O.
Do not eat.

The classification of the product has been carried out in accordance with RD 363/1995 (Directive 67/548 / CE) and RD255 / 2003 (Directive 1999/45 / CE), adapting their provisions to Regulation (CE) nº1907 / 2006 (REACH Regulation) according to RD 1802/2008.

For the cleaning of greases, oils and dirt in general on plastic plates in general and works carried out with extruded acrylic materials, casting and other plastics.
It can also be applied to clean glued, polished, laser cut and machined areas.
To free plastic materials from static charges in the industrial sector.


  1. Shake the product before use.
  2. Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned.
  3. Let it act for a few seconds and then remove it with a soft, clean, dry cloth. Plastic materials should never be cleaned dry, or with abrasive cloths as the surface will be scratched.
  4. Although the product lacks toxicity, when work is carried out for the food sector, the parts will be washed with clean demineralized water and then dried.

The empty container can be cleaned with water and reused.
In contact with the eyes it causes mild eye irritation.