Hexaben bencore panels

Product Information

HEXABEN Small is an ultra-lightweight aluminium honeycomb core composite panel with 9 mm hexagonal cells, bonded to acrylic outer layers in a wide range of standard finishes and colours. HEXABEN Small is characterised by a technological product appearance thanks to its aluminium honeycomb core, common in technical applications such as the aerospace industry for which this honeycomb core was originally designed. Thanks to its high aesthetic value and light weight, its rigidity and transparency, HEXABEN Small is mainly used for architecture, design and furniture in interior applications. The HEXABEN Small panel is easy to cut and can be finished with standard accessory profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges. HEXABEN Small can also be finished with the same material used for the outer layers.

High aesthetic performance. Compatible with backlighting. Available in different colours and finishes

Always adapting to the needs of each customer, the Hexaben is also available in versions: Small plus, Large and Large Plus, depending on the size of the inner hexagonal cells and the thickness of the panels.

Dividing panels. Furniture. Visual Merchandising. Backlighting. Stands for trade fairs. Interior architecture. Doors.