Transparent plastic sheets: uses in industry and construction

The world of plastic has become highly technical, and when we request clear plastic sheets we open an immense world of possibilities in which our company is a specialist. At Polimer Tecnic, apart from advising on the most optimal materials for each of the applications, we also advise on the best ways to handle and assemble, as well as offering countless materials and finishes that allow adapting to the needs of different sectors.

In reality, these products can be easily confused by an inexperienced person, but the result obtained can be completely different, and a project can fail due to a wrong choice. In sectors such as industry and construction, many requirements must be taken into account both at a functional and legal level that non-specialized technicians are unaware of, and to which we strongly recommend that they do not hesitate to seek advice from our specialists.

Transparent plastic sheets in industry and construction

Architecture is one of the sectors in which most notably takes advantage of the clear plastic sheets. Its qualities, such as light transmission, hardness, adaptation to other materials, as well as thermal insulation make it a perfect element for different applications. Roofing covers is perhaps the best known use, but it is also very common for it to be used in window glazing, as well as increasingly in the construction of internal partitions that allow better use of ambient light.

As for the industry, practically all types use in one way or another clear plastic sheets. We are talking about manufacturing sectors that are so different from each other, such as manufacturers of mobile and technological devices, those related to safety in spaces and people, those that make products related to automobiles, or those that have to do with the sector of shipbuilding. The transparent plastic sheets They are ideal for the protection of machinery as they allow not to lose visibility giving protection to the operators, high resistance to shocks, noise reduction, elegance thanks to the ease of adapting to the shapes of the machine, as well as incorporating a lot of specific properties that make it suitable for almost any environment. Resistance to abrasion, anti-fog, resistance to paints and solvents (including graffiti), resistance to shocks, food contact, resistance to fire, etc.

No less important is the decor. It is increasingly common to find the clear plastic sheets as the main material for the manufacture of avant-garde furniture or its incorporation into sideboards of internationally prestigious fashion stores.

Polymer Technic is a company specialized in all types of plastics for any company, and in any sector. We are experienced specialists, and in addition to being your suppliers we can advise you on types and finishes suitable for your case. We speak?


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