Benefits of cellular or alveolar polycarbonate for use in ceilings

benefits of cellular polycarbonate in sheets

If you are a construction and architecture professional, you have probably used the material that is the protagonist of our post today on more than one occasion. But in any case, you may be interested in knowing all the utilities and benefits of polycarbonate. For this you may be interested in knowing the wide range of solutions for professionals that Polimer Tecnic offers with this material.

Benefits of cellular polycarbonate used in roofs and roofs

At Polimer Tecnic we have different types of polycarbonate, each of them specific for a type of applications and needs, but in the case of ceilings and roofs we must highlight the cellular polycarbonate with all its variables. The benefits of cellular polycarbonate are mainly focused on the following qualities:

  • First of all we must highlight its transparency, allowing to cover ceilings and roofs without loss of natural light.
  • The other great advantage of cellular polycarbonate is that has excellent thermal behavior being able to have thermal transmission values ​​U lower than 1,2W / m2.ºK, this means that large surfaces can be covered with little heat loss in winter and little heat input in summer due to thermal transmission, thanks to its design of multiple air chambers. It can have 11 walls.
  • However, heat also penetrates by solar radiation and to reduce this effect you can supply with solar control, which acts as a screen for infrared radiation,
  • You can also avoid the annoying direct incidence of solar radiation by means of a light diffusing layer that by cons does not affect the amount of light that passes through. Other options to control the light is the use of transparent colors that act like sunglasses, attenuating the intensity of the light.
  • Being a very strong and impact resistant thermoplastic material, it can be used on flat exterior surfaces such as roofs and covers with sufficient guarantees to withstand the most extreme inclement weather such as snowfall, frost and even hail. Its resistance is 250 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than that of methacrylate.


Other benefits to highlight of cellular polycarbonate

  • El under weight This type of polycarbonate plate allows to use very light support structures, lowering costs compared to other materials. It also facilitates its handling and installation, being able to assemble very large parts that facilitate assembly without the need for cranes or numerous teams of operators.
  • La good fire rating, Bs2d0 can be used in all types of buildings, including those for public use.
  • As it is a plastic it can be bent and can make arches or curved ceilings without the need for expensive thermoforming heat treatments.
  • Also unlike glass, it allows you to make lace with manual tools for cutting, drilling, etc. By doing all this, its installation is very simple and flexible, adapting the material easily to the installation to be covered.
  • The other advantage over other materials such as PVC is that carries UV protection that guarantee it for 10 years against yellowing and aging.

As you can see, we have a wide range of benefits provided by cellular polycarbonate, but just as important as the choice of the most suitable cellular polycarbonate for our roof is its optimal installation with suitable materials to have full satisfaction and get the most out of it. For this, at Polimer Tecnic we have also taken care of being able to supply the mounting accessories that guarantee the success of the installation.

Mounting accessories for cellular polycarbonate used in roofs and roofs

  • To avoid undesirable condensation within the cellular polycarbonate cells that over time form fungi and reduce the passage of light, we have osmotic tapes, which together with the blind tapes to prevent the entry of dust.
  • We also have polycarbonate profiles type H and U to make the joints between plates and ends of the perforated sides.
  • All universal aluminum profiles They allow very solid and aesthetic anchoring of the plates to the fastening structures.
  • And finally there are also fixing buttons that distribute the force of the screw to a greater surface and at the same time prevent the penetration of water.

Uses of polycarbonate

Using them benefits of polycarbonate for its application in ceilings it supposes a series of options of projects. Some of our clients have it as a base material for the realization of structures such as roofs in general, garages, patios, pergolas and even sheds. It can also be used to roof swimming pools. Its flexibility and affordable price make it an item with little comparison in the market.
Beyond its use in private homes, it is also frequent use of polycarbonate as material for industrial roofs, sports halls, stadiums, or corporate garages. In business applications, they can also be used to illuminate office spaces without windows, or as sloping ceilings.

If you need consult budget without obligation, or learn more about the benefits of polycarbonate for your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you.


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