Mouldable abrasion resistant polycarbonate

Product Information

VITROFLEX FORM is our range of heat formable polycarbonate sheets, coated with a toughened surface layer and with a glass-like appearance. The high impact strength of polycarbonate is combined with a coating suitable for thermoformed applications. In addition, Vitroflex PC FC offers high chemical resistance and good abrasion protection. Vitroflex PC FC complies with the EN 166 standard for vision products.

Offers high impact resistance. High temperature resistance. High transparency. High light transmission. Good thickness tolerance. Indoor applications.

With thicknesses ranging from 2 to 10mm, they are available in standard sizes depending on their thickness: 2050×1250 and 3050×2050. Product on request. Possibility of special sizes. Outdoor option on request.

Façades. Screens. Exterior or interior lighting. Nautical. Industry. Signage. Skylights. Roofs.