Antistatic polycarbonate

Product Information

VITROFLEX AS PC is an antistatic polycarbonate, the coating has an increased conductivity of more than 105 Ω and therefore does not become electrostatically charged. This coating prevents the attraction of dust and dirt and provides effective protection against electrostatic charging. VITROFLEX AS PC also has a high impact resistance, combined with good fire resistance and excellent optical transparency. VITROFLEX AS PC is only suitable for use in flat surfaces.

Protection against electrostatic charge. Prevents attraction of dust and dirt. High impact resistance. Vandal resistant. Colouring possible.

With thicknesses ranging from 3 to 12 mm, they are available in standard plate sizes: 2000x3000mm.

Machine guarding. Safety screens. Protective barriers. Medical equipment. Visors. Electronic industry. Applications in industries that work with fine dust or flour.