Abrasion resistant polycarbonate

Product Information

VITROFLEX ABRASION RESISTANT PC is a polycarbonate sheet with a hardened surface and glass-like appearance suitable for flat applications. In addition to the usual impact resistance of polycarbonate, VITROFLEX ABRASION RESISTANT PC offers high chemical and abrasion resistance. This product offers protection against scratching from regular cleaning processes to many aggressive cleaning agents, while providing protection against ultraviolet rays, graffiti and vandalism. VITROFLEX ABRASION RESISTANT PC is about half the weight of standard glass, yet the product is virtually unbreakable and has exceptional transparency and clarity.

Abrasion resistance. Protection against ultraviolet rays. 10 times more impact resistant than acrylic plastic and more than twice as strong as PETG. Half the weight of glass, almost unbreakable. Exceptional transparency. Optimum light transmission. Resistant to many chemical products and weathering (wind, temperature changes, solar radiation, rain, humidity, etc.) Its high resistance protects against vandalism. Best option as an alternative to glass. Light-diffusing finishes are available. Available in colour.

With thicknesses ranging from 2 to 12mm, they are offered in standard sheet sizes of 3000x2000mm.

Separations in public spaces. Machine protections. Applications with frequent cleaning requirements (glazing, furniture, screens, etc.). Applications in places with frequent passage or contact. Replacement of glass in vehicles, ECE R118 and ECE R43 certification can be granted on request. Exterior signage. Protection for advertisements. Security glazing in prisons, banks, police stations, jewellery shops, museums, etc.