Honeycomb Polypropylene

Product Information

Honeycomb Polypropylene is an extruded polypropylene sheet consisting of 3 layers. The middle layer is a layer with a cellular structure. The top and bottom layers are 2 smooth layers. The cell structures form the core of this film. This gives Honeycomb Polypropylene its main characteristics: high stiffness and high compressive strength combined with light weight. The smooth top and bottom layers make this film a perfectly suitable solution for printing. The possibility of laminating this film expands its range of applications. Honeycomb Polypropylene can be processed into packaging, layer padding, product dividers, etc.

High resistance to fracture and tearing. Sound-absorbing and insulating properties. Suitable for food use. Easy to process. Good rigidity. Resistant to water and humidity. Good chemical resistance. High compressive strength. Optimum cost/quality ratio.

HONEYCOMB POLYPROPYLENE sheets have several options depending on their applications: Corona treatment. Antistatic. Flame retardant. UV stabiliser.

Protective packaging. Displays. Pallet protection. Construction applications. Floor and wall panels. Boxes. Dividers.