Decoration with decorative panels: VITROFLEX WALLGUARD®

Decoration with decorative panels

La decoration with decorative panels it has evolved a lot in recent years. In fact, brands specialized in building materials and architecture, as well as distributors such as Polimer Tecnic, have made an effort during that time to propose tailor-made solutions that allow us to go far beyond the aesthetic concept. That these types of solutions are capable of guaranteeing the maximum protection of the wall, an ideal insulation, and that at the same time they can be customized is the key. And in that sense, the most appropriate recommendation goes through the VITROFLEX WALLGUARD® technology.

VITROFLEX WALLGUARD®: decorative panels resistant to impacts and scratches

From Polimer Tecnic we recommend on many occasions to our clients who are looking for a solution for decoration with decorative panels in architecture, which have demanding conditions of durability, resistance and insulation products VITROFLEX WALLGUARD®. The advantages that this technology offers you are innumerable:

  • It is a non-polluting, halogen-free and 100% recyclable material.
  • It works as a good electrical and thermal insulator, as well as moisture.
  • It has great mechanical and impact resistance.
  • It has fire certification, Bs1d0
  • Good maintenance, as it can be easily washed with soap and water.
  • Does not give off odors, not even at high temperatures
  • Good resistance to abrasion.
  • Almost absolute customization for decoration.


If you think that this technology is just what you were looking for as a demanding solution in decorating with decorative panels, you should know that since Polymer Technic we offer you almost infinite customization options. We can use opaque, metallic or alternative colorless colors. Each of the shades can be exact, either through RAL o Pantone. We can also apply techniques that improve the matte effect of the surface at your request. In short, we offer you exactly what you were looking for in aesthetic terms, with all the advantages that we have mentioned above of VITROFLEX WALLGUARD® as a material.

We supply you with all the materials and we advise you to guarantee a perfect assembly.


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