Bencore lightben panels

Product Information

LIGHTBEN is an ultra-light composite panel with a core made of transparent cylindrical polycarbonate cells with external layers formed by methacrylate sheets in light or multi-tone colours, with satin or glossy finishes. The particular structure of the panel creates a partial transparency, which varies according to the visual angle, while the external layers allow a variation in light transmission and colour shading. Thanks to these special aesthetic characteristics, light weight and exceptional rigidity, LIGHTBEN is suitable for a wide variety of interior applications. Easy to cut the LIGHTBEN panel can be finished with standard accessory profiles and systems such as frames, handles, hinges.

High aesthetic performance. Suitable for backlighting. Available in different colours and finishes

Always adapting to the needs of each customer, Lightben is also available in versions: -Plus, complies with B1 fire regulations. -Large, with a thickness of 34mm. -Acoustic, specifically for areas where acoustic insulation is required. -Kaos, with an irregular structure of its cylindrical cells, enhances the play of light and shadow.

Dividing panels. Furniture. Visual Merchandising. Backlighting. Stands for trade fairs. Interior architecture. Doors.